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Central America

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Central America資料列表
No. Project Name Project status
1 Credit to Finance Public Sector Operations Projects under implementation
2 Financial Sector Support Facility for MSMEs Projects under implementation
3 Hospital Health Information Management Efficiency Enhancement Project in Honduras Projects under implementation
4 IDB Lab—Specialized Financial Intermediary Development Fund Projects under implementation
5 Project for Promotion of Medical Technology for Improvement of Maternal-Neonatal Health in Guatemala Projects under implementation
6 Regional Lending Program for Coffee Rust in Central America Projects under implementation
7 Taiwan Youth Overseas Service Projects under implementation
8 CABEI Special Fund for the Social Transformation of Central America (FETS II) Completed projects
9 Capability Enhancement in Using Geographic Information Systems in Central America—Honduras Completed projects
10 Capability Enhancement in Using Geographic Information Systems in Central America—Nicaragua Completed projects
11 Mobile Medical Mission(Budgets from TaiwanICDF) Completed projects
12 Specialized Financial Intermediary Development Fund— Subproject 6 Próspero Microfinanzas Fund Completed projects
13 Strengthen Capacity for GIS metadata and Disaster Resilience Project in Nicaragua Completed projects
14 Strengthening the Control of Huanglongbing (HLB) and the Implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Citrus Project (Regional) Completed projects
Total14list items