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Technical Cooperation


→ Go to project list (Updates to the progress of each project are made on 2/15, 5/15, 8/15 and 11/15)

Working in line with partner countries’ national development strategies and goals, throughout project identification, preparation and negotiation we conduct a full and accurate analysis of the challenges and bottlenecks that such partners face as part of the development process. We have also placed capacity building and skills transfer at the heart of our technical cooperation projects, employing a range of methods such as professional counseling, technical training, upgrading and operational guidance. This helps partners to overcome technical deficits, increase added value and progressively improve people’s quality of life.

Developing assistance projects that connect with international trends, ensuring effectiveness and transparency through project-orientation
The technical cooperation projects that the TaiwanICDF carries out with its partner countries meet the actual needs of these developing nations through joint implementation and mutual responsibility, raising aid effectiveness in accordance with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the OECD’s Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and Accra Agenda for Action. To realize the principles of proper goals, legal processes and effective administration, we ensure that memoranda of understanding are signed prior to carrying out projects with our partner countries, with budget execution, performance evaluation and risk management all subsequently implemented according to what was negotiated and agreed.

Assessing project relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability
To ensure aid effectiveness, all of our technical cooperation projects must conform to partner countries’ development strategies, with anticipated project impacts undergoing strict assessment in terms of project relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. By implementing projects jointly and taking mutual responsibility, partner countries’ capacity building can also be gradually improved.

Project Relevance
The design of project content should take a partner country’s actual needs and social and economic situation into account. A project’s expected outcome should be set out only after identifying the core issues to be addressed and evaluating the functions and technical capacity of cooperating institutions, and by drawing on the lessons learned from previously completed projects to clarify potential constraints. This ensures a logical connection between the core issues to be addressed  and the solutions drawn up in response.

Project Effectiveness
To improve partner countries’ development standards, technical cooperation projects must be genuinely effective by ensuring that project inputs, activities and outputs meet expected project outcomes and outputs, and comply with quality standards set during project planning.

Project Efficiency
To ensure that project inputs meet expected project outcomes, project implementation procedures must effectively assist in achieving project outputs and outcomes. Project implementation is not a static process, so adjustments may have to be made along the way to ensure optimum performance. Inefficient, ineffective projects should be terminated or restructured so that implementation effectively complies with a partner country’s most recent social and economic development goals.

Project Sustainability
By the time a bilateral or multilateral technical cooperation project has been completed, a partner country should be able to continue to generate beneficial results for the local community, for example through the technical, commercial, financial, economical, industrial or institutional efficacy of cooperating institutions, and through managerial excellence and commitment to the project. The cooperating unit taking over the project also needs to be in a healthy financial state, and have a sustainable development policy and corresponding processes in place. The project will then be able to receive continuing financial support and thereby maintain an effective and sustainable plan of operations.

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Technical Cooperation資料列表
No. Project Name Project status
1 Expanding High-Quality Rice Seed Production in South Sulawesi Projects under implementation
2 Somaliland E-government Capability Enhancement Project Projects under implementation
3 Creative Economy Accompaniment Project in Nicaragua Projects under implementation
4 Capacity Building of Flood Early Warning Project in Nicaragua Projects under implementation
5 Improve Productivity of Rice and Common Bean by implement Innovative Technologies Research in Nicaragua Projects under implementation
6 Fruit and Vegetable Production and Nutrition Enhancement Project Projects under implementation
7 Strengthening Incubator Agribusiness with Human Development Project(PhaseⅡ) Projects under implementation
8 Aquaculture Project (Palau) Projects under implementation
9 Poultry and Livestock Project (Palau) Projects under implementation
10 Livestock Expansion Project (Marshall Islands) Projects under implementation
11 Enhancing Nutrition Blance Through Agricultural Produciton Project (Marshall Islands) Projects under implementation
12 Capacity Building Project for Microfinance Ecosystem Focusing on Grassroots Women in Eswatini Projects under implementation
13 Improving Production and Quality of Vegetables and Fruits in Somaliland Projects under implementation
14 Pig Industry Enhancement Project Phase II in Eswatini Projects under implementation
15 Rice Seeds Production Project in Papua New Guinea Projects under implementation
16 Farmers’ Organization Production and Marketing Enhancement Project in Honduras Projects under implementation
17 Mariculture Project in Nicaragua (Second Phase) Projects under implementation
18 Guava and Dragon Fruit Production, Marketing Extension, and Capacity Building Project (Fiji) Projects under implementation
19 Breeding Sheep and Goat Production and Guidance System Enhancement Project Projects under implementation
20 Fruit Tree Production and Marketing Project (Phase II) Projects under implementation
21 Karawang Horticulture Development Project(Indonesia) Projects under implementation
22 Raising Competency of Farmers’ Horticultural Produces Project in Thailand Projects under implementation
23 Dietary Diversity Extension Project in Nauru Projects under implementation
24 Project for ICT in Education in St. Lucia Projects under implementation
25 St. Kitts and Nevis Pinney’s Beach Park Project Projects under implementation
26 Project for the Revitalization of Crafts and Youth Entrepreneurship in Antigua Guatemala and Surrounding Municipalities in Sacatepéquez (Guatemala) Projects under implementation
27 Project for the Capacity Strengthening to Support the Incubation and Entrepreneurship for MIPYMEs (Guatemala) Projects under implementation
28 One Town, One Product Project in Nicaragua Projects under implementation
29 Strengthening Fruit and Vegetable Production Project in Nicaragua Completed projects
30 Capacity Building for Commercialization of Agricultural Products Project in Nicaragua Completed projects
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