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Humanitarian Assistance

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Humanitarian Assistance資料列表
No. Project Name Project status
31 Emergency Cholera Prevention and Response for Vulnerable Households Affected by Hurricane Sandy(Haiti) Completed projects
32 Emergency Cholera Response to At Risk Communities in Tabarre and Petionville(Haiti) Completed projects
33 Food Security Assistance for IDPs, Returnees and Host Communities in Abyei Area (South Sudan, Sudan) Completed projects
34 Gorkha Food Security and Livelihoods Enhancement Program(Nepal) Completed projects
35 Gorkha Food Security and Livelihoods Support Program (Nepal) Completed projects
36 Haiti Earthquake Calamity Recovery Assistance Project Completed projects
37 Haiti Earthquake Emergency Material Delivery Project Completed projects
38 Haiti earthquake medical mission Completed projects
39 Haiti earthquake rice donation project Completed projects
40 Haiti New Hope Village residents resettlement project- phase 2 Completed projects
41 Health Information Management Efficiency Enhancement Project in Paraguay Completed projects
42 Healthcare Personnel Training Program Completed projects
43 Honduras Home Garden Project: Emergency relief for victims in the south (Honduras) Completed projects
44 Improvement of Solid Waste Management for Host Communities and Syrian Refugees in Azraq Town Project(Jordan) Completed projects
45 Improving Community Resilience in the Dry Corridor of Honduras Project Completed projects
46 Integrated Action for Children’s Nutrition Project (Philippines) Completed projects
47 Maternal and Infant Health Care Improvement Project in the Kingdom of Eswatini Completed projects
48 Medical Project in the Pacific Island Countries (Budget from MOFA) Completed projects
49 Mobile Medical Mission(Budgets from MOFA) Completed projects
50 Mobile Medical Mission(Budgets from TaiwanICDF) Completed projects
51 Pakistan Livelihood Rocovery Program Completed projects
52 Post Tropical Cyclone Pam—Restoration of Water Security throughout Tuvalu Completed projects
53 Provision of assistance to the most vulnerable persons exposed to protection-related threats as a result of COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis in Lebanon Completed projects
54 Provision of Chicken Feed to ensure Food Security in Libya Completed projects
55 Rain water catchment systems for schools and community centers in Jordan Completed projects
56 Refugees Act and Communicate for Health (REACH): Using Technology to Increase Health Literacy and Health Care Access for Refugees in Turkey Completed projects
57 Response to the Hurricane Tomas - Haiti Seed Rice Donation Project Completed projects
58 ROC (Taiwan)- Kingdom of Swaziland Medical Project Completed projects
59 Sigi-Biromaru Livelihood Support Program (Indonesia) Completed projects
60 Strengthening the Management of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Hypertension among Mobile Populations in Southern Africa Project Completed projects
Total64list items in2/3pages.