St. Kitts and Nevis

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: St. Kitts and Nevis Solid Waste Management and Recycling Project
Project Description: In response to concerns about the impacts of plastic waste on the environment raised by the representative of Saint Kitts and Nevis during COP25, and UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 to "ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns," the TaiwanICDF plans to carry out a recycling project in Saint Kitts and Nevis, where the tourism industry is popular. The TaiwanICDF uses the recycling and waste reduction experience of Taiwan to expand the scope of foreign aid programs and help our allies improve in environmental management, increase resource recycling rates, decrease waste generation, and preserve the environment.
The main objectives of the project are:
(1) To promote concepts of recycling and garbage reduction to the public.
(2) To investigate and analyze recycling systems in Saint Kitts and Nevis, draft strategies and set up demonstrations.
(3) To establish cooperation with stakeholders such as tourism business owners, supermarkets, waste disposal and recycling companies, etc.

Implementation Start Date: 2021/7/29
Implementation End Date: 2024/7/28
Project Objectives: To improve the efficiency of waste treatment and double the amount of waste recycled.
Executing Agency: 1. Ministry of Environment and Cooperatives of St. Kitts and Nevis
2. Taiwan Technical Mission in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Current Progress: As of the end of September 2021, the following activities have been completed:
1. Completed the signing of the project implementing arrangement on July 29th, 2021.
2. Set up Project Steering Committee to collaborate with different stakeholders.
3. Complete 2 public-private partnership recycling mechanism seminars.
4. Collect data on waste and conduct site survey to plan the demonstration recycling routes.
Project Contact: Yi-Chun Liu
Phone: +886-2-28732323 ext. 211
E-mail: yc.liu@icdf.org.tw
Projected Benefits: 1. Promote the concept of recycling and waste reduction for tourists and local people, and set up recycling bases.
2. Establish cooperation with stakeholders to develop a recycling mechanism to increase the benefits from the waste disposal system, as well as engage the circular economy.
3. To investigate and analyze the recycling system, set up demonstrations and develop strategies, and thus assist Saint Kitts and Nevis in formulating policies regarding waste management, reduction and recycling.
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sector: Others
Cooperating Country: Caribbean, St. Kitts and Nevis
Project status: Projects under implementation
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