Project Name: Improving Production and Quality of Vegetables and Fruits in Somaliland
Project Description: Impacted by extreme climate events, Somaliland's traditional livestock-based agricultural activities have suffered from drought and locust outbreaks. Furthermore, epidemic animal diseases have restricted exports to Gulf countries, which has impacted national finance and rural livelihoods. Traditional cereals such as sorghum, maize, and millet are produced for domestic consumption, but vegetable and fruit production are limited by materials, equipment, and techniques. Because of low production and poor quality, vegetable and fruit production cannot be a major alternative source of livelihood. To echo SDG 2 and SDG 17, this project intends to cooperate with Somaliland's Ministry of Agriculture to focus on vegetable and fruit production zones and improve techniques, increase production, build capacity for extension staffs and farmers, upgrade the post-harvest process, and link farmer organizations and markets, in order to achieve local consumption and reduce imports. The project objectives include establishing a demonstration farm for demo and training, providing services to selected vegetable and fruit production zones, providing training for female vendors in the market, and assisting extension officials with capacity building.

Implementation Start Date: 2021/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2025/12/31
Project Objectives: The project aims to increase the production and quality of vegetables and fruits in selected zones through establishment of demonstration farms and technical support, and to increase farmers' incomes by 20 percent.
Executing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture of Somaliland, Taiwan Technical Mission in Somaliland
Current Progress: By the end of June 2021, the following activities are being implemented:
Preparations for the fruits and vegetables demonstration farm
Project Contact: Chen, Chao-Yeh
Phone: +886-2-28732323 ext.234
E-mail: c.y.chen@icdf.org.tw
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Somaliland
Cooperating Country: Africa, Somaliland
Project status: Projects under implementation
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