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Design for diplomacy, TaiwanICDF assists Nicaragua in establishing national brand for bamboo

Design for diplomacy, TaiwanICDF assists Nicaragua in establishing national brand for bamboo

The project "Bamboo Cultivation and Handicraft Production Efficiency Enhancement Project in Nicaragua" promoted by International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) in cooperation with the Nicaraguan government, has trained more than 1,000 craftsmen to use industrialized machinery to produce various types of bamboo products, making them an important economic source for the families. In order to compete with low-priced products that produced from China, Mexico and other countries, TaiwanICDF helped Nicaragua to establish the national brand "NICA MARK" for bamboo products, providing all-round guidance from raw materials, production and processing, packaging design to marketing channels, with a view to further enhancing the added value of bamboo products.

The concept of NICA MARK is based on the MIT Mark from Taiwan, iF Mark from Germany, G Mark from Japan and IDEA Mark from the United States, as the highest honorable certification for industrial and craft design that made in Nicaragua, to recognize and promote excellent products, creativity and services. NICA MARK will also launch the "N-Mark", which is a combination of design competitions and training activities organized by TaiwanICDF, in the future, the certified personnel will have priority in receiving integrated consulting services from Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Nicaragua.

In addition, TaiwanICDF has also actively assisted craftsman to expand their sales channels, including the establishment of the Bamboo Craft Market in the National Park of Small Business and Exhibition in the capital of the country, which has accumulated sales of nearly NT$300,000 since its opening in May 2019; and the establishment of the NICA MARK Mobile Shop, which serves as an extension of the Bamboo Craft Market to counselling workshops across the country, providing counsellors with a platform for mobile sales for their exhibition and promotion purposes.

Taiwan Technical Mission in Nicaragua will continue to expand the development of NICA MARK and give priority to the bamboo industry, and later will expand the use of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, to showcase the soft power of “Taiwan Can Help” on the way to enhancing the innovative family economy in the country.

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  • Date:2020/3/30