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From OEM to private brand Ñaguaru, the TaiwanICDF assists Paraguay in upgrading the design capability of apparel processing industry

From OEM to private brand Ñaguaru, the TaiwanICDF assists Paraguay in upgrading the design capability of apparel processing industry

On June 27, 2019, the Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay(MIC) presented the self-owned clothing brand Ñaguaru, which was established by the Taiwan Technical Mission(TTM) in Paraguay of TaiwanICDF. The brand features a combination of Paraguayan traditional weaving technology “Ao Po'i” and fashionable design pattern . The men’s and women’s clothing launched at the brand presentation was stunning and attracted reporters from local TV media. Many industry associations also expressed interest in receiving the TTM’s guidance through the “Project to Strengthen Capacity To Support Development of MSMEs” (the MSMEs project).

Speaking at the event, Vice Minister of MIC Isaac Godoy Larroza said that the establishment of the brand is an important milestone. The governments of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Paraguay cooperated closely to successfully coach the Yaguarón Garment Processing Association. In the future, the Paraguayan government, TTM and the National University of Asunción will work more closely with the industry to benefit more Paraguayan companies through the MSMEs project.

Paraguay's apparel processing industry has long focused on specific parts of apparel, such as zippers and buttons, or the sewing of fabrics and other items . These are the most time-consuming but least profitable part of the apparel production process. In recent years, China has dumped textiles and garments in Paraguay, making it more difficult for garment manufacturers to make a living. In order to solve this problem, the TaiwanICDF and TTM assisted apparel manufacturers to strengthen their design and pattern-making capabilities. Furthermore, the Paraguayan traditional weaving technology Ao Po'i was integrated into their design to create a self-owned brand Ñaguaru, offering different clothing choices for the Paraguayans.

David Garcete, the owner of an apparel processing factory who participated in the MSMEs project, said that the two generations of his family are engaged in garment industry. The scale of the factory has grown from his two parents working on their own to dozens of sewing machines, but even after completing hundreds of thousands of apparel OEMs, they have never completed a single costume from start to finish. Now, with the help of Taiwan, they have learned to design, make prints and create a brand, which he never imagined.

Carlos González, president of the Yaguarón Garment Processing Association, also said that there are many apparel processing manufacturers in Paraguay, but the concept of brand marketing is lacking in the country and most have operated under OEM for decades. Through TTM, the apparel processing manufacturers will be able to advance their business.

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