Department: Lending and Investment
Project Name: Green Energy Special Fund (GESF)-Subproject 6: Romania Bacau Urban Energy Efficiency Project
Project Description: This project supports the City in upgrading the street lighting network through replacement of old luminaries with LEDs (light-emitting diode) lighting and intelligent control systems, which are expected to result in significant energy savings. Another smaller component includes energy efficiency rehabilitation of public buildings such as the city hall and a municipal hospital. These investments are expected to significantly improve street lighting infrastructure and services in the City, allowing for adequate light intensity, improved reliability, reduced energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

Project Objectives: 1. Replace old and inefficient street lights to meet the requirements of the EU Eco Design Directive 2005/32/EC.
2. Improve energy efficiency and create energy savings, preliminarily estimated at 50 per cent.
3. Reduce maintenance costs.
Executing Agency: Municipality of Bacău
Implementation Arrangement: The TaiwanICDF, through its contribution to the GESF, co-finances the project with the EBRD by providing a loan to the Municipality of Bacău.
The project will consider options for private sector involvment in the future operation and maintenance of the city’s public lighting networks.
Project Manager: Carrie Hsieh
Phone: 02-28732323 ext. 511
E-mail: H.Y.Hsieh@icdf.org.tw
Signing Date: 2018/10/30
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Other Social Infrastructure and Services
Borrower: Municipality of Bacău
Cooperating Country: Eastern Europe, Romania
Cooperating Organization: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Project status: Projects under implementation
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