Saudi Arabia

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Transport Technical Cooperation Project (Saudi Arabia)
Project Description:

To improve the safety, monitoring and quality of highway and bridge construction work in Saudi Arabia and to address a lack of engineers with relevant experience and abilities, this project will see consultants dispatched to audit engineering drawings, construction procedures, completion costs and engineering budgets as part of the implementation of projects at the Ministry of Transport’s Department of Construction, as well as to perform site visits in order to solve problems on site and teach the essentials involved in monitoring projects.

Overall, the project will:

  1. Have consultants review project design drawings and engineering calculation sheets submitted to project construction contractors, and sign off and verify completion certificates for such work.
  2. Assist the Ministry of Transport’s Department of Construction in supervising highway and bridge construction work, providing guidance to Saudi engineers for on-site supervision and technical expertise for on-site spot checks, as well as teaching basic design concepts and assisting in solving problems encountered on site due to construction design changes, etc.
  3. Provide advice to the Ministry of Transport on new construction technologies, and consult on and revise construction regulations.
  4. Assist Saudi construction and design companies in developing their use of computer software applications, guiding and training engineers and technicians using computer engineering software for analysis, design and budgeting as part of a policy of promoting ICT and digital services.

Implementation Start Date: 2011/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2017/12/31
Project Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
  1. Implement transportation projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation; review the design and quality of completed project involving roads, bridges and drainage tanks.
  2. Provide consultancy services relating to project concepts and technology.
Executing Agency:

Department of Construction, Ministry of Transport, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Current Progress: To the end of December 2017, the following activities have been completed:
In 2011:
1. Completed reviews of documents for 12 transportation projects and 12 construction project plans.
2. Taught eight engineers the structural design concepts for reinforced concrete box culverts and wrote programs for the Casio 880p and for calculating numbers of roadway embankments.
In 2012:
1. Completed reviews of documents for 12 transportation projects and 12 construction project plans.
2. Taught nine engineers how to determine roadway alignment, design and concepts for roadway cross slope and gradient, and methods for ensuring the stability of roadway cross slope.
In 2013:
1. Review the project of completing of Dualization Al-Baha-Al Mikwah Al Mudailef Descent-phase 5 total around 5 kilo-meters include 1 Bridge.
2. Review construction plan and drawings of the project Al Ghafah Link Road.
3. Teach 3 engineers how to design drainage system for road.
In 2014:
1. Review the project of completing Road (Section 5) total around 308 kilo-meters including 31 Bridge.
2. Completed reviews of documents for 11 transportation projects and 11 construction project plans.
3. Teach 3 engineers how to design drainage system for road.
In 2015:
1. Accomplished reviewing the projecto of Road AL Ardha/Kawbah-AL Kashell Road, Hasma Link Road 1, Hasma Link Road 2, Sahoot、Hazabah, ArwaRoad, Dualization of AL Huqao-AL Raith, Rafha–Qysumah Fayhan Road, Jeddah-Jezan Coastal Road, Al Kharj to Riyadh-Damman Expressway link Road, and Dualization of Al Aqeeq Jarab Road, about 336 kilo-meters in total.
2. Completed reviewing 12 construction drawings and 10 construction plans.
3. Consulted 3 engineers how to design drainage system for road.
In 2016:
1. Accomplished reviewing the project of Tubuk Ring Road,Dualization of Ras Abu Qamis Road,Dualling of Hawtat Bani Tamim Hariq Road,Main Roads in Riyadh Area (Group1),Dualization of Road AL-Khurma/Ranyah Bishan on Aser Region and Tabouk-Sharmah Road (phase3) AL Jawf secondary and abranch roads(group-06), AL AbedMondabah farm Road, Doubling of Hail-Medina Al Monawarah Road totally 328 KM and 25 bridges. Review 12 as build drawings and engineering quantity of the road or highway project and Review 12 Construction drawings and plan of High way .
2. Consulted 3 engineers the STABLE program on the road slope stability analysis and design.
In 2017:
Review the project of Doubling of AL Dawadmi Road, Agricultural in Jizan Group and Doubling of AL Bajadiah Road, Hail-Rafha Dualized Road, Shagab-Bidaa Road and Tabuk Madina Expressway Hail-Rafha Dualized Road, Shagab-Bidaa Road, Tabuk Madina Expressway Tabuk Madina Expressway (Phase II), Dualing of Tabuk-Haql Road (Phase 1) and AL Qrar with AL Aqiq road total 381 kilo-meters include 29 bridges and 12 final quantity 10 construction plan.
Projected Benefits:
  1. Review the design and engineering quantity of the road or highway project and other related documents.
  2. Provide training to engineers to improve their professional skills.
  3. Review 350 km of road projects and 35 bridge projects in accordance with directions from the Ministry of Transportation.
Sector: Economic Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Transport and Storage
Cooperating Country: West and Central Asia, Saudi Arabia
Project status: Completed projects
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