Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Poultry Development Project (Fiji)
Project Description: The rainy season in Fiji is low production season for fruit and vegetable. This affects farmers’ income and livelihood. This project will increase farmers’ income and source of protein. In combination with vegetable farm, the project will carry out recycling of agricultural resources, raising of chickens and vegetables, collecting chicken manure for composting, reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, and producing organic crops to achieve environmental protection and waste utilization. Although the project is about to be completed, the personnel of the cooperating unit in Fiji will be trained and the project will be transferred to the cooperating unit this year.
The content of the project will include the following:
1. Produce broiler chicken and promote chicken cultivation techniques, as well as provide assistance to counterparts to develop their capacity to operate chicken farms and their increase income.
2. To assist in establishing farm and organize 40 chicken production and marketing groups; sell fresh chicken in the village.
3. Train Fiji technical staffs and transfer project for their operation.
4. Hold training course and transfer breeding techniques to extension households.
5. Transfer the project and the following to the cooperating unit: chicken farming technology, chicken equipment, hatching equipment, information on counseling farmers, chicken house management manual, breeding information, breeding formula, and other software and hardware.

Region: Asia-Pacific
Implementation Start Date: 2007/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2011/12/31
Project Objectives: 1. To establish breeder chicken farm to produce eggs.
2. To establish breeding field for producing and providing one day old broiler chickens to farmers.
3. To establish feed mill and use local agricultural sideline products to blend feed and reduce feed cost.
4. To reach 1.5 percent replacement of imported chicken by promoting 24,000 broiler chickens.
5. To establish a farm management system, develop and operate a breeding and incubation center, provide local stable broiler chicken sources, and transfer technology.
6. To organize two teams for marketing with a total of 40 farmers.
7. The project will be transferred to Fiji to operate on its own.
Executing Agency: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Fiji
Department of Animal Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture, Fiji
Fiji Youth Ministry Sigatoka Vocational Training Center
Project Performance: To the end of December 2011, the following activities have been completed:
1. Introduced 1,000 breeder chickens from New Zealand and produced and provided 24,686 chickens to farmers.
2. Developed one feed formula and submitted the report for farmers’use.
3. Organized two teams for marketing with a total of 40 farmers.
4. Provided 2,400 broiler chickens for staffs training course, and completed transfer of breeding farms, feed mill management operations and farmers' education training.
5. Completed project- transfer to cooperating unit on December 12.
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Fiji
Cooperating Country: Asia-Pacific, Fiji
Project status: Completed projects
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