Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Rice Seed Production Project (Belize)
Project Description: In 2008, concerns over food security prompted Belize’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture (MNRA) (previously operating as the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) to request the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to restart a rice seed production project that had originally been handed over in 2007.

Overall, this project will:

  1. Central Farm rice fields: Produce basic seed and registered seed; provide training to MNRA specialists and assist the MNRA to establish a rice seed inspection system.
  2. Poppy Show Farm, Toledo: Produce certified seed and promote rice production; repair irrigation systems and warehouses; establish standard operating procedures (SOP) for the production of seed.

Rice seed production project (Belize)

Implementation Start Date: 2010/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2013/12/31
Project Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
  1. Establish a three-stage propagation system for rice seed production and assist the MNRA to produce high-quality rice seed and gradually extend production areas.
  2. Provide guidance on rice cultivation techniques to increase production volume per hectare, improve the quality of rice and reduce production costs; assist smallholders to develop sustainably.
  3. Participate in various agricultural activities to increase the visibility of the project and to encourage farmers to seek guidance toward their rice production operations.
  4. Support Belizean food security policies by increasing rice production; reduce poverty by increasing employment opportunities among those working in the agriculture sector to achieve self-sufficiency.
Executing Agency:
  1. Taiwan Technical Mission in the Belize
  2. Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture (Belize)
Project Performance:
  1. Assisted Belize to establish a triple-grade rice production and breeding system, producing 41.6 tons of high-quality foundation seed stock and 372.6 tons of seed, and gradually expanding rice production areas.
  2. Provided training on rice cultivation technology to 30 technical staff; extended rice planting over 1,405 hectares.
  3. Participated in 10 agricultural exhibitions and events.
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in Belize
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Central America, Belize
Project status: Completed projects
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