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A new choice for healthy diets – TaiwanICDF helps Nicaragua to breed new variety of common bean

A new choice for healthy diets – TaiwanICDF helps Nicaragua to breed new variety of common bean

Common bean is one of the most important food crops in Nicaragua, one of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies in Central America. To help the country improve productivity of quality seed and breed new varieties, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) has been implementing the Common Bean Research, Development and Production Extension Project jointly with Nicaragua since 2015. Using a capacity building approach, the project assists the nation to improve the quality of seed, increase production efficiency, and purify local varieties as well as breed new varieties suitable to the local environment, and has been highly supported by the government and people of Nicaragua.

On February 28 the international organization HarvestPlus, of which the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a principal donor, partnered with the Government of Nicaragua to host an assessment event of bean varieties. The new variety of common bean bred by INTA with the assistance of Taiwan Technical Mission in Nicaragua was very well received at the venue. Due to its lighter shade and firmer texture than the other varieties, the new variety of bean softens just enough while maintaining a slight bite after stewing, which appealed greatly to many guests at the event.

The beans the TaiwanICDF assisted Nicaragua to cultivate are high in protein and trace elements such as iron and zinc, and their regular consumption can improve conditions such as anemia and child malnutrition. Therefore, the TaiwanICDF has actively been promoting this variety in the rural areas of Nicaragua, hoping to gradually increase bean production through Taiwan’s high-quality agronomic techniques and at the same time improve the health of Nicaraguan people.

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  • Date:2018/4/10