Project Name: Overseas Professional Mandarin Teaching Project
Project Description: In response to the needs for Mandarin learning proposed by ROC (Taiwan) allied and friendly countries, the TaiwanICDF, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), dispatches professional Mandarin teachers to such countries to provide Mandarin teaching services and promote Taiwanese culture overseas, thereby improving bilateral relations as well.


Region: World Wide
Project Objectives: Improve Mandarin Language ability of citizens of allied and friendly countries of ROC (Taiwan) by providing quality Mandarin teaching.
Executing Agency: TaiwanICDF
Implementation Arrangement: ROC (Taiwan) Embassies or Representative Offices stationed overseas identify the needs for Mandarin learning of partner countries, and submit a request for Mandarin teachers. After such requests are approved by MOFA, the TaiwanICDF, commissioned by MOFA, will recruit and dispatch qualified Mandarin teachers who possess a Certificate of Proficiency for Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language or are graduates from departments relating to Mandarin teaching to the designated countries.
Current Progress: In 2020, 18 Mandarin teachers were dispatched to 11 partner countries to provide professional Mandarin teaching classes.
Project Contact: Claire, Yin Chen
Phone: (02)2873-2323#613
E-mail: y.chen@icdf.org.tw
Project Type: 10
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Education
Cooperating Country: Palau, Jordan, Turkey, St. Lucia, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Paraguay
Themes: Education
Project status: Projects under implementation
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