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News From Overseas

Nauruan Fisheries Officers Visit Kiribati, Learn New Skills at Taiwan Technical Mission

Source: Kiribati Newstar, Mauri

Publication date: 2011/06/10

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Kiribati

Two fisheries officers returned to Nauru last week after completing a series of aquaculture lessons at the Taiwan Technical Mission here in Kiribati. The officers’ visit came as part of their work on an Aquaculture Project in Nauru.

Before returning home, one of the officers explained that the majority of milkfish being bred in Nauru have not been growing well, saying that he and his colleague had come to Kiribati to learn a greater range of aquaculture skills.

Mr. Elko-Joe Agir, an assistant with the Aquaculture Project in Nauru, said that most of the skills he and his colleague had learned at the Taiwan Technical Mission’s fish farm in Kiribati had been new to them. Prior to taking the lessons, they had never known how to mix certain microorganisms into fish food to improve milkfish growth, and had also been unaware of a specific feed formula to use when the fish begin to spawn.

Having spent 10 days in Kiribati, the two officers expressed their thanks at being able to join the lessons, which took place at the aquaculture ponds in Ambo, and said that they hoped to put their newfound skills to use on returning to Nauru.

Mr. Robert Chang, a Taiwanese specialist with the Aquaculture Project, gave a speech to Nauruan and I-Kiribati participants during the lessons, encouraging them to share their knowledge and skills with their friends and fellow citizens. This way, he said, more and more people can learn the best methods of cultivating milkfish, which will benefit greater numbers of families.(Source:Kiribati Newstar )

During the period of 30th May-8th June, two aquaculture specialists from Nauru came to Ambo Aquaculture Centre to learn the breeding of milkfish. This is the first time that people from overseas, Nauru, came to Kiribati to understand our successful experiences in breeding and culture milkfish in the Pacific.

One of the aquaculture specialists, Mr. Joe, told reporter that ”Kiribati has an ideal natural environment condition for milkfish fry growth and the aquaculture technique utilized here is also much better than Nauru.” The main purpose of this trip for our overseas friends is first to understand and learn the management and practical operation of milkfish fries breeding, and hopefully this experience cold be used to improve the practice and increase the survival rate of milkfish fries in Nauru.

Robert Chang is in charge of aquaculture project at Ambo under Taiwan Technical Mission, and he said that Kiribati is fortunate to have a good natural environment and we shall all try to look after our ocean as much as we can. Positively, we are so keen to share our experience of aquaculture management with all friends including those from oversea nations. In doing so, he also hopes that Ambo aquaculture centre can gradually become a Demonstration Centre for select aquaculture practice in the Southern Pacific area in the future.(Source:Mauri)

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