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Humanitarian Assistance

Project Name: Provision of Chicken Feed to ensure Food Security in Libya
Project Description:

February 2011, the people of Libya began protesting against the Muammar Gaddafi-led Government of Libya. As unrest rapidly spread throughout the country, Libyan security forces under the authority of the Muammar Gaddafi-led government began responding to protesting crowds with increasing violence. Due the conflict, the supply chain for chicken feed previously provided by western Libya has been disrupted, causing suppliers to cull chickens and destroy eggs viable for hatching in order to maintain their breeding supply with the feed currently in their stores.

TaiwanICDF and Mercy Corps help shore up the chicken feed supply chain by renting trucks in Benghazi which will travel to Cairo, Egypt, pick up 125 tons of feed and return. The feed will keep the existing breeders working for approximately 4 weeks to find out a sustainable solution, avoiding disruption to this crucial market item.

Provision of Chicken Feed to ensure Food Security in Libya

Source of Funding: Humanitarian Cooperation Fund
Project Objectives: To keep local chicken farm short-term feed supply to stable local cull chicken market
Executing Agency: TaiwanICDF, Mercy Corps
Implementation Arrangement: Hire Libya local trucks and travel to Egypt to collect 125 tons of chicken feed and back to Libya. Major chicken farms in major northern cities of Libya will receive the chicken feed supply.
Project Type: Grant
Projected Benefits: To keep major chicken farms in northern cities of Libya work for one month.
Cooperating Stakeholders: Mercy Corps
Project Year: 2011
Cooperating Country: Libya
Cooperating Organization: Mercy Corps
Project status: Completed projects
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