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News From Overseas

Workshop in Kiribati Raises Local Knowledge of Breeding, Raising Pigs

Source: Mauri

News Summary

Tarawa, Kiribati — A workshop on breeding and raising pigs conducted by the Taiwan Technical Mission in Kiribati drew to a close on May 10 following three weeks of training for 13 local students.

At the closing ceremony for the workshop, P.K. Tsai, leader of the local Taiwan Technical Mission, reminded graduating students of the importance of raising pigs with appropriate care and attention. He said that this was especially important for newborn piglets, which always need suitable shelter and a good environment.

The closing ceremony was attended for Taiwan by H.E. Ambassador Benjamin Ho, who said that as a result of the workshop, students would be sufficiently skilled to expand their stock of pigs, which would raise incomes among local households.

Former president Teatao Teannaki MP was also in attendance at the event and expressed his hope that graduating students would share their newfound knowledge with other farmers, thereby spreading know-how among the community. Observing that most I-Kiribati households had lacked the capacity to raise more than 10 pigs in the past, Mr. Teannaki said that the workshop had strengthened participants’ technical knowledge and would therefore allow them to boost the number of pigs they kept. He then thanked staff at the Taiwan Technical Mission for their guidance.

Matthew Matang, a participant in the workshop, went on to describe the next step for graduating students. He said that the Taiwan Technical Mission would now provide each student with three pigs, which he and his fellow students would continue to raise individually in the coming weeks and months, following methods learned during their course.

Mr. Matang explained that in four months, staff at the Taiwan Technical Mission would visit participating households to collect these donated pigs and check on their well-being. In cases where participants have taken good care of their pigs, the Taiwan Technical Mission would leave one pig behind as a permanent gift to the household, he said.

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  • Date:2011/5/23