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News From Overseas

Taiwan Technical Mission in Kiribati Hosts Eighth Swine-Rearing Training Course

Source: Mauri

Publication date: 2011/04/29

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Kiribati

Eighteen trainees gathered at the headquarters of the Taiwan Technical Mission in Kiribati on April 27 to take part in the mission’s eighth swine-rearing training course of 2011.

The day started with a traditional performance by a dance troupe from Nei Kaue, followed by the donation of 12 piglets to Kiribati by H.E. Benjamin Ho of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The piglets will be distributed to households on outlying islands.

Hon. Amberoti Nikora, Minister of Environment, Land and Agriculture Development, was on hand to receive the donation and said that the gift would assist Kiribati’s efforts to promote household swine-rearing and thereby increase revenues through the sale of pigs at local market. He added that training provided by the Taiwan Technical Mission was proving to be very important to agricultural development in Kiribati, having already increased the availability of fresh, locally reared meat and reduced the need to import meat products from overseas.

One trainee mentioned that initially, he had be put off participating in the Taiwan Technical Mission’s swine-rearing course due to the smell and mess involved in raising pigs. However, the participant was full of enthusiasm after the weeklong program, which covers all of the hands-on skills needed to feed and care for the animal.

On completing their course, the latest trainees will be provided with up to three pigs to rear in household pens. After six months, the Taiwan Technical Mission plans to return two sows to its headquarters and leave one pig as a permanent gift to the household.

As part of this process, the Taiwan Technical Mission will encourage participating households to take good care of its animals through an incentive scheme. Families that make a particularly good job of looking after their sows will be able to keep a share of the piglets born during this period. Technicians at the mission will then work with these families to raise further litters of piglets.

By contrast, the Taiwan Technical Mission will likely remove pigs from households that do not take good care of their animals, and possibly strip them of qualifications gained while participating in the swine-rearing course.

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