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Press Releases

TaiwanICDF Shares Taiwanese SME Experiences and Holds First Footwear and Leather Goods Exposition in Paraguay

TaiwanICDF Shares Taiwanese SME Experiences and Holds First Footwear and Leather Goods Exposition in Paraguay

The TaiwanICDF and the Paraguayan government jointly held the very first nationwide exposition of leather shoes and leather goods in Paraguay on August 27, 2021. Starting with opening remarks from Taiwan Ambassador to Paraguay José Han and Paraguayan Minister of Industry and Commerce Luis Castiglioni, the exposition gathered more than 40 enterprises from all over Paraguay to display their new products. Other attending guests included the Vice Minister of Industry of Commerce, Minister of Women, Minister of Youth, President of the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT), President of the Paraguayan Industrial Union (UIP), President of National University of Asuncion (UNA), Representative of the UNDP Paraguay, and representatives of leather industries.

Prior to the exposition, the Taiwan Technical Mission in Paraguay had invited rising designers to help participating enterprises develop 200 new products of leather footwear and leather goods. These new items drew much attention from Paraguayan distribution channels and department stores. Among the attending enterprises, 19 of them successfully received purchase orders during the exposition. Another highlight of the exposition was adopting environmentally friendly practices in line with the global sustainability agenda. The backdrop and booths turned into storage cartons for attending enterprises. Moreover, digital flyers replaced traditional print catalogs and brochures. These eco-friendly deeds served as green best practices.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the vital engine of economic growth for our diplomatic allies in Latin America and the Caribbean. In recent years, the TaiwanICDF has actively utilized Taiwan’s enriched SMEs counseling resources and experiences, and further implemented SMEs counseling projects in Paraguay, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. In Paraguay, the leather industry faces an obstacle of excessive similar products in the markets, which leads to price cutting competition. To assist the industry in overcoming the obstacle, the TaiwanICDF offers counseling and advises enterprises on improving product design. Subsequently, the TaiwanICDF hosts nationwide expositions as business matchmaking platforms to promote products and expand market access.

To help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the TaiwanICDF further counsels MSMEs to apply technology tools for digital transformation. In September, the TaiwanICDF launched the Innovation Project of MSME Digital Transformation in Paraguay. The project aims to help the Paraguayan textile and garment industry establish a low-touch, digitalized business model with diverse experience through introducing Taiwan’s digital display technology and smart solutions which fit local conditions. Additionally, the Taiwan Technical Mission in Paraguay cooperates with the industry associations to connect resources from both upstream and downstream of the industry chain. The TaiwanICDF looks forward to constructing an ecosystem suitable for MSMEs which can further strengthen local industries’ competitiveness and resilience.

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  • Date:2021/10/7