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Press Releases

Joining Hands for Good: TaiwanICDF Produces a Promotional Video during the World Health Assembly

Joining Hands for Good: TaiwanICDF Produces a Promotional Video during the World Health Assembly

The World Health Organization has designated 2021 the International Year of Health and Care Workers, and launched a year-long campaign under the theme "Protect. Invest. Together." In order to echo this theme, the TaiwanICDF will co-host a webinar with global partners, and has produced a video titled “Joining Hands for Good.” We hope to raise awareness of society on the TaiwanICDF’s efforts in helping partner countries strengthen the capacity of health and care workers in fighting COVID-19 through our public health and medicine projects in recent years. The video aims to convey our appreciation and respect for global health and care workers who remain in their jobs during the pandemic, and will be released on the TaiwanICDF’s YouTube channel on May 24th during the opening session of this year's World Health Assembly (WHA).

This video uses dynamic footage and infographics to structure the transitions. In addition, the music evokes an emotional response, helping to create the narrative appeal. Through the footage, the audience can see the TaiwanICDF work with international partners to promote projects in various countries on maternal-neonatal health care improvement, chronic diseases prevention, health information management efficiency enhancement, and medical imaging systems strengthening. The video also showcases the results of the TaiwanICDF assisting our allies in the fight against the pandemic with our public health and medicine projects, so as to appeal to the world to align with Taiwan's efforts in international medical and health aid.

During the production of this video, Taiwan has been facing an escalation of the pandemic, but under the protection of frontline health and care workers and the self-discipline of the people, Taiwan proactively shows its quality and energy in coping with COVID-19. Therefore, this video also expresses our most sincere gratitude for health and care workers in Taiwan and around the world for engaging in the fight against the pandemic, and sends encouragement at this critical moment. May all of us provide strong support for each other during this period of time. TaiwanICDF YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/taiwanicdf)

In order to let domestic and foreign audiences gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s foreign aid, the TaiwanICDF has utilized self-made videos to introduce various projects implemented overseas, and has also launched several program series, expecting to further engage an online audience through the TaiwanICDF YouTube channel and other social platforms. For more media information, please visit the TaiwanICDF’s official website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms.

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  • Date:2021/5/24