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Humanitarian Assistance

Project Name: Hospital Health Information Management Efficiency Enhancement Project in Honduras
Project Description: Honduras has developed and implemented an Integrated Health Information System (SIIS) in public hospitals for patient data collection. However, the quality and reliability of data is low since it is collected manually. In addition, the degree of data digitization in public hospitals is not high, and each hospital manages its own system independently, preventing exchange of the collected data and causing ineffective administrative procedures. Therefore, the TaiwanICDF and Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital jointly implemented this project. This project aims to develop a health information system and introduce it to two selected hospitals, as well as enhance health personnel capacities and strengthen hospital management efficiency. The main project contents are as follows: 1. Strengthen e-health system functions in selected hospitals; and 2. Strengthen hospital management.

Region: Central America
Implementation Start Date: 2021/4/15
Implementation End Date: 2023/4/14
Source of Funding: The TaiwanICDF/ Ministry of Health, Honduras/ Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital
Project Objectives: 1.Strengthen e-health system functions
(1)Provide training for system development, administration and maintenance for technicians
A.Provide a minimum 5-week seed instructor training program in Taiwan on system development, administration, and maintenance for three trainees from the Ministry of Health and hospitals in Honduras to be seed instructors.
B.Hold local workshops for 22 technicians on system development and administration. Provide domestic system programming workshop for 12 IT technicians and health personnel from MoH and hospitals. The Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital will dispatch consultants to Honduras for professional advice.
C.After the health information system is developed, conduct 12 system training workshops for different users according to their needs.
(2)Assist to develop an integrated health information system that allows information exchange between hospitals.
A.Develop a health information system in selected hospitals for outpatient departments and allow information exchange.
B.Assist on data interfacing for system needs.
(3)Establish sever, computer and internet facilities.
A.Assist on computer procurement for hospitals.
B.Assist on establishing or strengthening server rooms.

2.Strengthen hospital management
(1)Provide a 5-week seed instructor training program in Taiwan on hospital management for at least three managers from Honduras.
(2)Complete an improvement report for hospital management.

Implementation Arrangement: Members of the Project will provide technical and capacity building assistance.
Current Progress: To the end of Sptember 2021, the following activities have been carried out:
1.Completed the OPD work flow data collection, information system usage status and hard ware equipment investigation for 2 selected hospitals.
2.Worked with the Ministry of Health to select 3 IT and 3 hospital management personnel as seed instructors from the Ministry and the selected hospitals.
3.Completed 4 local trainings for 42 person-time seed instructors.
4.Completed the collection of information on the needs of system intergration.
Project Performance: An improvement in managerial efficiency within selected hospitals in Honduras.
Project Contact: Cecilia Lin
Phone: (02)2873-2323#306
E-mail: c.hui.lin@icdf.org.tw
Project Type: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Approval Date: 2021/4/15
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Honduras
Cooperating Country: Central America, Honduras
Project status: Projects under implementation
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