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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Enhancing Nutrition Blance Through Agricultural Produciton Project (Marshall Islands)
Project Description: This project is in line with the national development strategy of RMI (Republic of Marshall Islands) and is connected with the results of the previous phase of the project to promote fruit and vegetable production and consumption, to further strengthen the correct concept and eating habits of the Marshallese people on balanced nutrition, thereby gradually reducing the risk of chronic diseases. The main contents of this project include: (1) Improve the diversity and efficiency of fruit and vegetable production methods, and set up satellite farms on the outer islands to expand the production of fruit and vegetables; (2) Improve the willingness of the Malaysian people to eat fruits and vegetables; (3) Increase cooperation The supply of fruits and vegetables in the group meals on campus to increase the nutritional intake of school children; (4) Integrate cross-departmental/organizational resources to establish a national health management mechanism.

Region: Asia-Pacific
Implementation Start Date: 2021/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2024/12/31
Project Objectives: At the end of the project, average vegetable content per gruop meal of cooperative shchool in Majuro and outer island up to 40 grams and dietary diversity score reach to 4
Executing Agency: 1.Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
2.Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce (Marshall Islands)
3.Local governments on outer islands (Marshall Islands)
4.Ministry of Health
5.Misistry of Education
Current Progress: Up coming data
Project Coordinator Name: Wang, Yen-Chih
Project Coordinator Phone: 886-2-2873-2323 EXT.214
Project Coordinator E-mail: y.j.wang@icdf.org.tw
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
Cooperating Country: Asia-Pacific, Marshall Islands
Project status: Projects under implementation
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