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Press Releases

Environmental Sustainability Field Added to Third Year of TaiwanICDF Overseas Internship Program

Environmental Sustainability Field Added to Third Year of TaiwanICDF Overseas Internship Program

The third year of the TaiwanICDF University Youth Overseas Technical Assistance Internship Program will be open for applications this May. The program has increased its internship locations to 14 countries, and will have 28 expected openings and a more diverse range of fields. In addition to existing specialties such as agriculture and horticulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, Spanish, business management and marketing, finance, and computer science, environmental sustainability has been added as a new field this year.

Since 2019, the TaiwanICDF has been promoting the internship program, which provides global internship opportunities for young Taiwanese students to participate in international development cooperation practices. In addition to applying theoretical knowledge learned in school, participants also gain practical experience beyond textbooks, under the guidance of TaiwanICDF experts and technicians dispatched overseas. Furthermore, the TaiwanICDF hopes that the internship program will help participants realize that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not only national goals, and even individuals can help achieve the SDGs and contribute to global environmental sustainability.

TaiwanICDF environmental projects aim to assist Taiwan's diplomatic allies and friendly countries to cope with climate change, global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. We integrate Taiwan’s development experience and technological tools in the fields of agriculture, climate and disaster prevention in order to provide technical assistance and capacity building. This is intended to strengthen the capacity of partner countries to adapt and mitigate disasters in the face of climate change, while also establishing sustainable industrial development and consumption models, using technology to facilitate sustainable resource management and improve post-disaster recovery and adaptive capacity.

The TaiwanICDF is a professional foreign aid agency and actively promotes national diplomacy. We respond to the spirit of the SDGs in the five areas of agriculture, environment, public health, information and communications technology, and education, and actively cooperate with international partners to contribute to the global community. The TaiwanICDF puts into practice the slogan of "Taiwan Can Help" and Taiwan's vision of making the world a better place, and we look forward to outstanding students joining our overseas internship program. Students interested in applying for the program should pay close attention to internship opportunity announcements from partner schools this May.

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  • Date:2021/1/27