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Kingdom of Eswatini
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Kingdom of Eswatini

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Fruit Tree Production and Marketing Project (Phase II)
Project Description: In accordance with the development policy of the Ministry of Agriculture, Taiwan Technical Mission in the Kingdom of Eswatini (Mission) had executed the Fruit Tree Production and Marketing Project (FTPMP I) from year 2016 to 2019. The project had firstly brought in the concept of “industry chain development” and had achieved the goal to increase income per-hectare of 40 percent (as compared to sugar cane) among farmers’ organizations receiving guidance through the project. The project was focused on building the confidence and ability of fruit tree cultivation for the farmer companies. FTPMP I imported mass banana seedlings from a neighbouring country instead of propagating seedlings alone due to the fact that, except seed potato production, the country did not have the capability in mass propagation for other economic crops seedlings. Besides, the transportation and marketing, which are the downstream of an industry chain, require further promotion for better post-harvest operation systems and sales channels. Hence, the target of the second phase of Fruit Tree Production and Marketing Project (FTPMP II) is to reinforce the seedling propagation in the upstream and the marketing in the downstream for high value fruits that have potential for exportation. The project is able to connect with the optimized cultivation system and the preliminary model of transportation and marketing which were built in FTPMP I so to promote an entire industry chain and eventually create a new agricultural development pattern.
The main targets include: 1. to build a healthy seedling production system for banana and other high value crops that have potential in the country, achieve the capacity in producing 100,000 banana tissue culture seedlings in Malkerns Research Station (MRS) annually; 2. to produce 30,000 pitaya and 6,000 guava seedlings in Matsapha farm within four years; 3. to promote high value fruit tree cultivation and achieve 165 ha banana, 10 ha guava, 5 ha pitaya and at least 2 ha emerging crops within four years; 4. to enhance post-harvest handling techniques; 5. to build the sales channel for the fruits.

Implementation Start Date: 2020/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2023/12/31
Project Objectives: To optimize particular high value fruit industry chains, achieve 40% net-income increase per-hectare as compared to sugar cane (of year 2019) among the guided farmer’s organizations.
Executing Agency: 1. Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)
2. Eswatini Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise (ESWADE)
3. Eswatini National Agriculture Marketing Board (NAMBOARD), Lusuthu ne Lubovane Luyasondla (LnL)
4. Taiwan Technical Mission in the Kingdom of Eswatini
Current Progress: By the end of June 2021, the following activities have been implemented:

1.Established a consultant group for extending of tissue culture laboratory, growth room and virus detection laboratory buildings, and the construction of greenhouse and net houses. Completed construction drawings and tender documentations. Opened tendering, company evaluation and contract signing have been done. All constructions were completed at the beginning of December 2020.
2.Conducted professional procurement of tissue culture equipment and materials from Taiwan. Tender documentation and open tendering were completed in May and June 2020. All equipment and materials were delivered, re-inspected and installed in October and December 2020.
3.Collected cuttings of strawberry and passion fruit varieties from Eswatini and South Africa for mother tree nurseries. There were 48 banana seedlings, 500 strawberry seedlings and 70 passion fruit seedlings transplanted into mother tree nursery.
4.Completed the 7th in vitro sub-culture of banana tissue culture trial. The total amount of all sub-culture in vitro is 4,500 bottles; also started 150 in-vitro tissue culture trial of strawberry.
5.Purchased and hardened 72,400 banana seedlings, produced and maintained 10,500 pitaya (dragon fruit) and 2,110 guava, 100 strawberry and 50 passion fruit seedlings;
6.Completed transplanting 24.66ha banana, 0.9ha pitaya, 1.0ha guava and 0.3ha strawberry extended fields.
7.Compiled the "Banana Tissue Culture Propagation Guidebook" and "Strawberry Cultivation Guidebook".
8.Conductted 1 course of "Fruit Tree Production Skill Training" for the seedlings propagation team and selected 2 outstanding trainees for operation improvement training;
9.Conducted 1 trainer's training of “Fruit Tree Cultivation and Management” for the 10 extension officers.
10.Conducted 2 "Guava Seedlings Propagation Training" for 15 extension officers.
11.Cooperated with Nisela Farm to Conduct 1 "Banana and Pitaya Harvest and Post-Harvesting Improvement Training" for 15 extension officers and farmer leaders.
12.Collects monthly yield, sales data from LnL's packhouse, import and export statistics and marketing prices data.
13.Completed the investigation and report of "Fruit Tree Production and Marketing Project Pjase I Socio-Economic Impact Survery 2020".

Project Contact: Lin-ting, Huang
Phone: +886-2-28732323 ext.215
E-mail: l.t.huang@icdf.org.tw
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Africa, Eswatini
Project status: Projects under implementation
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  • Date Updated:2021/7/21