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Central America

Department: Humanitarian Assistance
Project Name: Project for Promotion of Medical Technology for Improvement of Maternal-Neonatal Health in Guatemala
Project Description: Maternal and child health improvement is one of the main health development aims of Guatemala. However, the biggest challenge is a lack of comprehensive maternal and infant health care services, which also makes it difficult to detect high-risk pregnancies to then provide appropriate care. The reasons for this include: (1) Health care facilities are not sufficiently equipped; (2) Personnel of health care facilities lack the required skills. In view of the rapid changes in technology and the use of various emerging technologies in the field of public health and medicine, the project will assist Guatemala to improve its institutional capacity in maternal and infant health care based on Taiwan’s professional experience and technology in this area. The project contents include: (1) Upgrading the functions of health care facilities; (2) Building the capacity of hospital and community health care personnel.

Region: Central America
Implementation Start Date: 2019/4/1
Implementation End Date: 2022/3/31
Source of Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC(Taiwan)/ Ministry of Guatemala/ National Taiwan University Hospital
Project Objectives: 1.Utilize medical technology in health care facilities to improve the quality of health care:
Utilize medical technology to improve the functions of targeted health care facilities in Guatemala and Santa Rosa Departments.
2.Build the capacity of personnel of health care facilities:
(1)Build capacity of personnel of health care facilities in maternal care and use of medical technology.
(2)Build capacity of personnel of health care facilities in infant care and the use of medical technology.
(3)Strengthen antenatal care quality of health care personnel.
Implementation Arrangement: Members of the Project will provide technical assistance and assistance for capacity building.
Current Progress: To the end of September 2021, the following activities have been carried out:
1.Completed seed instructor training on obstetric and neonatal care for 4 health care personnel.
2.Conducted 14 local trainings on antenatal and postnatal health care, and neonatal health care, for 213 health care personnel. These local trainings have received government certification and have been registered in the health system.
3.Produced the recommendation reports on improving patient flow in OBS units.
4.Provided medical equipment and supplies to 2 target hospitals and 2 maternity centers.
5.Disseminated 21,000 maternal and neonatal health education posters to 2 target hospital and 344 health centers and clinics.
6.Completed the delivery process of the maternal and neonatal education handbook to 2 target hospitals and 2 maternity centers.
7.Completed filming of 10 health education videos.
8.Conducted a project site visit with 6 consultants dispatched by National Taiwan University Hospital.
Project Contact: Odélia Lu
Phone: 02-28732323#309
E-mail: c.y.lu@icdf.org.tw
Mission: Taiwan Investment and Trade Service Mission in Central America
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Health
Cooperating Country: Central America, Guatemala
Project status: Projects under implementation
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