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Lending and Investment

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Technical and financial assistance from the TaiwanICDF is provided via a dual-function framework for development. This systematic approach to the integration of resources allows partners to realize a range of short, medium and long-term benefits over time. Our Lending and Investment Department offers a range of services to help partner countries achieve their development objectives and realize steady, sustainable socio-economic growth. These services are categorized into two distinct methods of delivery: lending and investment.

Lending and Investment

TaiwanICDF lending and investment programs are designed to meet our partners’ development needs. Prior to implementation, each project is assessed for its financial and economic feasibility, and to ensure that cooperating stakeholders possess sufficient technical and institutional capacity.

The main sectors covered by lending operations include:

  • Economic Infrastructure and Services: This category focuses mainly on improving sustainable economic growth in partner countries. Operations cover both the public sector such as to build resilient infrastructure, as well as the private sector such as increase access to financial services. In this category, our own work mainly involves public infrastructure and re-lending projects to support the production activities of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

  • Social Infrastructure and Services: This category focuses mainly on enhancing partner countries’ living conditions through the implementation of social welfare projects, such as those involving human resources, and environmental and public health development. In this category, our own work mainly involves education facilities and environmental protection projects.

  • Production Sectors: This category focuses mainly on providing assistance to production sectors in partner countries, including the agricultural, forestry, fisheries, livestock and industrial sectors, such as expanding access to finance for agribusinesses or small-farm holders to cope with climate change and improve production efficiency. In this category, our own work mainly involves agribusiness and regional agricultural programs/projects.

Principal investment activities include financing for:

  • Direct investment in partner countries.

  • Indirect investment in partner countries via multilateral funding mechanisms.

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