Travel with Love

  • Project Supervisor : Tzu-pao Yan
  • Managing Editor : Thomas H.C. Kuo, Ai-chen Chen
  • Chinese Narrative : Pei-wen Chang, Jung Luo
  • Publisher : The Journalist
  • First Publication : 2003 / 4
  • Language : Chinese
  • ISBN : 957-2026-61-5

The book "Travel with Love" is the first publication in Taiwan that has introduced volunteer work and the men in the Taiwan Youth Overseas Service. It serves as a record of experiences and also as a manual of the knowledge required to function properly abroad. Through the eyes of the people who have writted the eight chapters, we can experience international assistance work as well as the life that volunteers live. At the end of the publication is a question and answer section that provides necessary information. ICDF challenges the nation's youth to take a copy of this publication and make preparations of your own to serve your country and to provide assistance to the world's population.

Editorial Review

The spirit of volunteerism is creating something from nothing, moving from the bottom to the top, and creating something even in the harshest conditions.

Chen Shui-bian
President of the ROC (Taiwan)

OIf Taiwan wants to be a part of the global community, it must have a presence overseas and it must understand the world. Furthermore, it must take the initiative to participate in the international community.

Yu Shyi-kun,
Premier of the ROC (Taiwan)

Volunteerism has created social harmony and opportunity. In addition, volunteerism creates personal growth and helps society rise to a new level.

Eugene Y. H. Chien
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

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