Greening the Sahel: The Taiwan Experience in Burkina Faso

  • Project Supervisor : Tzu-pao Yang
  • Managing Editor : Ai-chen Chen
  • Chinese Narrative : Monica Chang, Purple Peng
  • Translater : PRO International Limited
  • Publisher : TaiwanICDF
  • First Publication : 2003 / 10
  • Language : Chinese/French
  • ISBN : 957-745-639-1

Seeing is believing. A once parched landscape transformed into lush, well-irrigated rice paddies stretching as far as the eye can see. This is no mirage; it is certainly not a dream. This "green miracle" is the fruit of the dedication and hard work of the Taiwan Technical Mission to Burkina Faso.

This book narrates the struggle, development, hurdles, and successes of the Taiwan Technical Mission abroad in both words and pictures. It is published to honor those men and women who have dedicated their careers and hearts to Mission service as well as to encourage young people to follow their good examples and join in furthering the worthy work of the Taiwan Technical Mission overseas.

Editorial Review

Taiwan has always worked in practical ways to help those in need further develop their economies and reduce poverty...we will continue to carry the lessons of such development successes to every corner of the globe where our assistance is needed and valued in order to do our small part to turn the shared hope of sustainable development into reality.

Chen Shui-bian
President of the ROC (Taiwan)

Over several decades, dedicated mission members have invested their lives, their knowledge, and their sweat into making the dry land of Burkina Faso green and productive. Brushing aside homesickness and hardship, they never strayed from their ultimate objective to bring new life and renewed hope to the people of the West African desert. Through their accomplishments, they have demonstrated to Burkina Faso and the world that Taiwan has much to contribute, through her technical expertise, her fortitude, and her compassion.

Eugene Chien
Minister of Foreign Affairs

But what, precisely, is the "Taiwanese spirit?" I believe it is an unwavering conviction that respect and love of the land, backed by earnest effort and proper method, is sure to result in success, regardless of the obstacles or odds.

Yang Tzu-pao
Former Secretary General of the TaiwanICDF

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