Bridging the World

  • Publisher : TaiwanICDF
  • First Publication : 2004 / 4
  • Language : Chinese
  • ISBN : 957-13-4094-4

TaiwanICDF's Mandarin language book entitled ''Bridging the World'' highlights Taiwan's successful graduate and post-graduate scholarship programs for students from its diplomatic allies. In cooperation with local universities through the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA), students applying for TaiwanICDF scholarships can choose from several different degree programs in areas such as Agriculture, Business Administration, Taiwan Studies, Aquaculture, Health, and Technology Management. This book contains riveting personal stories from numerous international students who have studied in Taiwan on these scholarships and benefited greatly from the ''Taiwan experience."

Editorial Review

Taiwan's assistance to developing countries must be based upon the integrated resources of governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to be executed in the field of international cooperation. I expect that the general public will have a better understanding of Taiwan's spirit of experience sharing and volunteerism through this book and through the eyes of the foreign students. The stories are quite interesting to read. Through their hard work and diligence, the foreign students featured in this book are an inspiration to future foreign students as well as Taiwan's local students.

Eugene Y.H. Chien
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Simply speaking, benefiting others while continuing to do well ourselves is our ideal. This is also the theme of the stories in this book. TaiwanICDF has been working on making "diverse contributions" to the international community through one of Taiwan's advantages: high-level human resource training. TaiwanICDF also encourages increased participation with diplomatic allies. We are aware that we are different and we appreciate that. We still stand tall in this world, and we are more than willing to make the best use of this difference in cooperation with other peoples and nations to stride forward.

Tzu-pao Yang
TaiwanICDF Secretary General

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