Global Trends in International Cooperation

  • Publisher : TaiwanICDF
  • First Publication : 2004 / 8
  • Language : Chinese
  • ISBN : 957-730-480-X

Entitled "Global Trends in International Cooperation," this book is a Chinese translation of the original Japanese version published by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2003. It discusses international cooperation in terms of economics, politics, and social aspects. The knowledge of fast-changing trends in international cooperation results in proper analysis of strategy and methods of assistance. This book also contains an introduction to and comments on important documents of related issues, thereby providing readers with a better understanding of the latest strategies and methods of international cooperation.

Editorial Review

This book discusses trends in international assistance from the perspectives of economics, politics, and social development over the past few years. It also offers penetrating insights and analyses on the way the changing environments in the international community have a great impact on developments in assistance work. Both present and future crucial issues are covered. This book is not only a most valuable contribution to the field of international cooperation and development, but it is also a must-read for anyone interested in this area.

Tan Sun Chen
Minister of Foreign Affairs and TaiwanICDF Chairman

I think that international assistance is a very important issue to the international community, which also includes Japan and Taiwan. Not only should international cooperation and development workers have a comprehensive understanding of their work, but I also believe that the general public should be interested in learning more about this issue.

This book was originally written as a reference for JICA workers. It was published in Japan in 2003 because people outside of JICA in Japan wanted to have a better understanding of the theoretical backgrounds and trends in international cooperation and development that this book examined. It is gratifying that this book has been translated into Chinese and published by TaiwanICDF. JICA's research can now be widely read in Taiwan.

Toru Taguchi
Institute for International Cooperation Director General
Japan International Cooperation Agency

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