Overview of International Development and Cooperation

  • Project Supervisor : James C. F. Huang
  • Managing Editor : Cheng-Chung Chen
  • Chinese Narrative : TaiwanICDF
  • First Publication : 2007 / 3
  • Language : Chinese
  • ISBN: 978-957-28648-4-5

From a historical perspective, Official Development Assistance (ODA) was first initiated right after WWII. And for half a century, the way ODA was conducted gradually changed in terms of content, methodology, policy and emphasis due to fluctuations in international political affairs and the different perceptions of donors. Generally speaking, 1990 was a watershed for different approaches. Before 1990, official assistance had focused more on the economic areas of development, and in some cases, the donor country decided on the needs of a recipient country unilaterally. However, due to the limitations of assistance resources, the condition of poverty in many developing countries has not yet been alleviated through approximately 50 year’s of assistance and cooperation. The current wave of globalization has also brought great pressure on economic systems, thereby placing ODA implementation on the agenda of the international community with much debate and review.

The book “Overview and Practice on International Development and Cooperation” aims to introduce ODA to Taiwanese readers by providing a discussion of its implementation methodologies as well as case studies. The book starts with the origins of ODA, the organizations and institutions established during that period, development approaches and strategies, the sectors in which ODA is implemented and the stakeholders participating in the operations. This is followed with Taiwan’s experience from being an aid recipient country to one able to provide assistance. The book also details the history of the formation of the TaiwanICDF as the premier organization responsible for Taiwan’s official development assistance and the TaiwanICDF’s operations strategies. This book hopes to present both the concepts and the practices of ODA to the readers interested in this area.

Editorial Review

I felt very proud to see the book “Overview and Practice on International Development and Cooperation” published. I believe this book will bring a greater understanding of the concepts and practices of international development cooperation for the people of Taiwan. This book carries the reader from an explanation of foreign assistance to case studies of the TaiwanICDF’s development work conducted under the “whole-dimension diplomatic strategy” initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am sure that through this book readers will gain great insight about foreign assistance, and I hope that “Overview and Practice on International Development and Cooperation” will start attracting more attention from civil society in order that more resources can be poured into this field.

Chen Shui-bian
President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Since the foundation of the TaiwanICDF ten years ago, the Fund has accumulated an abundance of both practical and theoretical knowledge. Through teamwork and dedication, Overview and Practice on International Development and Cooperation was released.

Through the collaboration of information and firsthand experience, this book outlines the process and current state of the practices of development and cooperation within the international community. Thereby, allowing readers to have a better gauge of international development and cooperation as well as an in-depth understanding of the participating organizations, methods, tools of involvement, etc. Furthermore, this book returns its focus to Taiwan and explains through a historical perspective the way in which Taiwan transformed itself from being an aid recipient country to one able to provide assistance. In addition, the book summarizes Taiwan’s involvement in humanitarian activities from a practical perspective and introduces the way in which the TaiwanICDF conducts cases, the methods it employs and the outcomes.

Su Tseng-Chang
Premier of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Taiwan has participated in international development and cooperation work for over 45 years. In order to fully utilize limited foreign aid resources, the government of Taiwan established the TaiwanICDF. Together with the strength and capacity of the government and civil society, we have successfully responded to the trend of globalization, assisting developing countries to evolve from a traditional agricultural and piscatorial society into a more industrialized and developed country. Integrating the strengths of the different core works of the TaiwanICDF: Banking and Finance, Technical Cooperation, International Human Resource Development and Humanitarian Assistance, we have successfully helped many developing countries to become more self-reliant. In celebration of the TaiwanICDF’s 10th anniversary, the Fund has published the book: Overview and Practice on International Development and Cooperation. With this book, the populace of Taiwan will be able to gain a greater understanding and deeper insight into the endeavors of international development and cooperation.

James C.F. Huang
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the

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