Discovering Guatemala: A Blogger's Adventure with the TaiwanICDF

  • Publisher : SBOOKER Publishing Co.
  • First Publication : 2007 / 12
  • Language : Chinese
  • ISBN: 9789867010469

The bloggers are back! Now they would like to share their eye-opening experiences of the TaiwanICDF’s international cooperation programs.

In September 2007, the TaiwanICDF sent six students – winners of its “Discover the World Through Blogging” competition – to Guatemala to form its first Youth Camp, and get a feel for the true essence of development cooperation programs.

With its many colorful photographs, and the vivid description of the participants, this book is the perfect representation of Taiwan’s relationship with Guatemala: Pure Latin-American atmosphere and mysterious Mayan culture flavored with the papaya, tilapia, and bamboo arts and crafts of Taiwan.

For decades, Taiwan’s efforts in international development cooperation have been managed with patience and diligence by the experts like those with the TaiwanICDF Technical Mission in Guatemala. We invite you to enjoy this reflection of these fruitful results.

Finally, travel is about adventure, exploration, and is also the beginning of understanding other countries and cultures. Through the first-hand experiences of these students, we hope that people in Taiwan will gain a better awareness of international development cooperation, and the achievements of Taiwan’s government and the TaiwanICDF in working with partner countries like Guatemala.

Editorial Review

Development assistance is a long-term task. Although Taiwan has been dedicated to foreign assistance for nearly half a century, , people here have rarely had the opportunity to witness the nation's achievements in international development programs because of the distance between Taiwan and most of its partner countries. Our most striking impressions come from genuine physical contact and participation, while firsthand observation and experience is always more convincing than simply reading or hearing about something. In keeping with this philosophy, the TaiwanICDF recently conducted its first Youth Camp. By sending young students to the TaiwanICDF’s project sites abroad, we hope they can directly learn about the development work and achievements of our overseas experts. Through such personalized experiences, their originally narrow horizons will be dramatically widened, and preconceptions which they have taken for granted will be challenged. I hope that the following text can stimulate readers to pose more questions about international development cooperation.

James C.F. Huang
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the

Guatemala and Taiwan established diplomatic relations more than 70 years ago, and Taiwan has maintained an embassy in the Central American nation for nearly 40 years. In 1985, Taiwan set up a technical mission there, and over the past 20 years, agricultural experts from Taiwan have not only received praise for their diligent work and outstanding achievements, but have conveyed a positive impression of Taiwan in the process. Now through its “Discover the World Through Blogging” competition, the TaiwanICDF has gathered students together with the aim of giving them a better understanding of the organization’s operations, and the true meaning of international cooperation programs. With the personal experiences and the accounts of this activity included in this book, I hope that people in Taiwan will be able to feel the friendship between Taiwan and Guatemala, as well as the cooperative efforts in Guatemala, which are undertaken by the TaiwanICDF and the government of Taiwan.

Chen Cheng-chung
TaiwanICDF Secretary General

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