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Press Releases

Heading Southbound to Indonesia - TTM Assists Local Farmers Access Markets

Heading Southbound to Indonesia - TTM Assists Local Farmers Access Markets

Using Taiwan’s experience as a basis, Taiwan Technical Mission in Indonesia has assisted the country to establish an agricultural production and marketing system, including counseling local farmers on crop concentration, grading, packaging, shipping, etc., and helping farmers’ organization to build its own brand of agricultural products to enhance their added-value. Under TTM’s assistance, the International Cooperation and Development Fund has successfully broadened market channels for local farmers; retail stores of a well-known local company now purchase 500 kg of produce each month such as Chinese cabbage, potato, radish, tomato, sweet pepper, green beans, and corn from beneficiary farmers in Bandung.

Local farmers lack access to healthy seedlings as well as post-harvest management skills and agricultural marketing capacity; these challenges are also among the reasons why this region has been unable to boost the value of agricultural products. To overcome this obstacle, TTM and the Indonesian government carried out a five-year Strengthening Incubator Agribusiness with Human Resources Development in Bandung project, which aims to help local farmers with the difficulties they were facing at the time.

Specifically, the project includes three components:Strengthening the counseling abilities of farmers’ organizations, improving counseling programs and strengthening teacher training; building greenhouses and focusing on the production of healthy seedlings; and enhancing the effectiveness of counseling by establishing a long-term monitoring and evaluation mechanism. Since 2015, TTM has assisted Indonesia to build a collection center and four greenhouses, and to counsel 18 farmers' groups with a population of about 1,080 farmers, including 40 core farmers and 60 promoters.

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  • Date:2019/4/2