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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Project to Strengthen Capacity to Support Development of MSMEs
Project Description: The number of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises in Paraguay exceeds 250,000, accounting for 61 percent of the total workforce and having a certain impact on the economic development of Paraguay. However, the current lack of business management capabilities and technology in Paraguay’s MSMEs has led to poor operating results. In 2010, MSMEs accounted for only 10 percent of national sales revenue. In order to improve the performance of MSMEs in Paraguay and enhance the functions of the relevant consultation mechanism, the main tasks of the project include: (1) Assisting the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay in conducting surveys of key industries; (2) Completing the policy planning of consultation for MSMEs; (3) Cooperating with key industry associations in Paraguay to establish consultation courses combining Paraguay’s resources and Taiwan's advantages; and (4) Conducting individual consultations for suppliers.

To watch the video made by the TaiwanICDF: En la Pasarela de Mis Sueños - Proyecto de Fortalecimiento para las Mipymes del Paraguay
Implementation Start Date: 2019/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2022/12/31
Project Objectives: To assist Paraguay in upgrading the operational performance of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises and upgrading the functions of the relevant consultation mechanism.
1.Government: Establish a national enterprise information collection mechanism and industry consultation policy.
2.Enterprise consultation mechanism: Combine public and private sector resources to plan business management and professional technical consultation courses.
3.Individual enterprises: Provide consulting services for key enterprises.
Executing Agency: 1. Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Paraguay)
2. Faculty of Economics, National University of Asunción (Paraguay)
3. Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Paraguay
Current Progress: As of September 2021, the following works had been carried out by our project:
1.Designing the mechanism of collecting information from SME Paraguayan, as well as the policy to support them:
Assisting MIC to analyze the structure of Paraguayan industries, and conduct meetings with stakeholders; chose four key industries to be counseled.
2.Counseling key producer: Support collaborated producers from the previous year, helping them to participate in Asuncion fashion week and conduct business innovation development.
3.Organizing professional enterprise management and technical program: Facilitate the alliance between the Paraguayan industry, official and university. Supporting Paraguay to build their own counseling system. And organize specific management programs in the textile industry and entrepreneurship.
4.Premio Nacional Mipymes (PNM2019)/ National SME competition: the competition is participated by 170 MSMEs around the country, fifteen MSMEs were entering the second round, eventually four MSMEs were awarded and been offered our support by our project in 2019.
5.Complete investigation on the Mate industry: Hold meetings with Mate stakeholders to conduct in-depth discussion on the need of the industry, and organize course based on it.
6.Activate the online counseling program of Mate industry: Launching the first stage of the online counseling program amid world pandemic.
7.Cooperate with Centro Yerbatero Paraguayo to assist in improving Yerba Mate international marketing image.
8.Assist the Paraguayan garment industry to establish meticulous standards for mask production, and develop independent manufacturing capacities for pandemic prevention medical products.
9.Cooperate with Paraguayan Yerba Farmers Center (Centro Yerbatero Paraguayo) to promote product quality improvement and pass the European Union and Asian tea testing.
10.Assist the Paraguayan Apparel Industry (Asociación Industrial de Confeccionistas del Paraguay) to promote online sales of Paraguayan products through livestreaming.
11.Assist the Centro Yerbatero Paraguayo to supporting Paraguayan companies in the development of new Yerba Mate-based products, as well as in the development of Packaging for a better presentation of their products.
12.Premio Nacional Mipymes (PNM2020)/ National SME competition: the competition is participated by 395 MSMEs around the country, 50 MSMEs were entering the second round, eventually four MSMEs were awarded and been offered our support by our project in the following year. And the President and Vice President of the Republic of Paraguay delivered certificates to the 5 MSMEs that won the Premio Nacional Mipymes.
13. Organize meetings with leather footwear and leather industry stakeholders, understand industry issues and needs, and conduct industry surveys on the spot.
14.Assist 13 enterprises with developing 80 new products.
15. Hold the first national leather footwear and leather goods exposition in Paraguay in August 2021.
16. Premio Nacional Mipymes (PNM2021)/ National SME competition: In late May, a SME Sustainable Development Goals Forum serves as a kick-off of the competition. As of September, 1,200 MSMEs has sighed up for the competition.
Project Contact: Ken Hua Chang
Phone: 886-2-28732323 Ext. 218
E-mail: k.h.chang@icdf.org.tw
Project Type: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Projected Benefits: Upgrade the Paraguayan consultation mechanism. At the end of the project, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the mechanism have the capacity to provide consulting services to 150 enterprises each year
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Paraguay
Cooperating Country: South America, Paraguay
Themes: 中小企業(Small and Medium Enterprises)
Project status: Projects under implementation
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