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Management Personnel

ChairmanJaushieh Joseph Wu
Secretary GeneralTimothy T. Y. Hsiang
Deputy Secretary GeneralPai-Po Lee
Deputy Secretary General Alex L.J. Shyy
Deputy Secretary GeneralAi-Chen Chen
Auditor General, Auditing OfficeStephen J.H. Lee
Director, Humanitarian Assistance DepartmentHung-Tzu Wang
Director, Technical Cooperation DepartmentMing-Hong Yen
Director, Lending and Investment DepartmentShih-Hung Liu
Director, International Education and Training DepartmentShiang-Wu Tsai
Director, General Affairs DepartmentMei-Yun Kuo
Director, Research, Development and Evaluation DepartmentYun-Ching Tseng
Director, Accounting OfficeChou-Sheng Lan
Director, Public Relations OfficeYvonne T.S. Wu
Director, Human Resource Office Sarrinna H. Y. Chen
Director, Legal Affairs OfficeCatherine C.C. Chou

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