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Medical Missions

Designed to offer both performance and flexibility in medical care, our program of Mobile Medical Missions was formally established in February 2006 in cooperation with the International Healthcare Strategic Alliance (IHCSA), a coalition of medics at 37 Taiwanese hospitals and medical centers. Staffed by these doctors, pharmacists and nurses, MMMs are essentially small-sized mobile hospitals and provide roving, short-term medical assistance within our partner countries. In the course of performing their duties, volunteers also share the latest research with their overseas colleagues, which helps to enhance local medical expertise and improves the long-term quality of medical services in these nations.

The assistance provided by our MMMs demonstrates that Taiwan is committed to improving health care throughout the world.

In addition to part-funding these initiatives, the TaiwanICDF plays the role of coordinator. Between 2006 and the end of 2010, we arranged for 88 MMMs to be stationed at temporary clinics in urban and rural communities in 24 partner countries across Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. During this time 700 Taiwanese doctors and medical personnel offered clinical training and demonstrations, or took part in technical exchanges, and altogether treated some 130,000 patients.

In order to improve the capability of medical speciality and achieve the goal of technique transfer, as well as fit in with international assistance change, the Mobile Medical Mission transformed itself to “Medical Mission” in 2012. Medical Mission work with local medical professionals and offering clinical training, demonstrations, and technical exchanges in 8 countries in Pacific Ocean. A total of 47 medical personnel from 7 hospitals in Taiwan have dispatched to 8 partner countries in Pacific Ocean to provide 107 medical personnel from partner countries with clinical training. Around 3000 people benefited.

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  • Date:2010/12/14