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St. Lucia
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St. Lucia

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: ICT Technical Cooperation Project (St. Lucia)
Project Description:
  1. Assist the St. Lucian government to establish a National ICT Center.
  2. Develop and implement e-government systems.

ICT Technical Cooperation Project (St. Lucia)

Implementation Start Date: 2009/10/1
Implementation End Date: 2012/12/31
Project Objectives:
  1. Enhance government efficiency and national competitiveness by establishing a National ICT Center and e-government systems.
  2. Provide opportunities for the Taiwanese ICT industry to export products and services to Saint Lucia.
  3. Transfer technology to St. Lucia over a period of six years, beginning in 2011.
  4. Develop the National ICT Center into a strategic planning center for ICT.
Executing Agency:
  1. Taiwan Technical Mission in St. Lucia
  2. Ministry of Public Service and Human Resources Development (St. Lucia)
Project Performance:
  1. Improved ICT knowledge and capacity among government officers through the application of e-government systems and the provision of services at the National ICT Center.
  2. Improve governmental efficiency and the quality of government services available to the general public.
  3. Provided training and conferencing services for 3,000 persons per year.
Mission: Taiwan Techical Mission in Saint Lucia
Sector: Economic Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Communications/ICT
Cooperating Country: Caribbean, St. Lucia
Project status: Completed projects
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