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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Rice Development Project in Artibonite Valley (Haiti)
Project Description:

Sixty percent of rice consumed in Haiti per year is imported. This project will provide assistance in L’Artibonite valley, known locally as “Haiti’s largest granary,” to increase production, as well as farmers’ income, through the establishment of an industrial production chain.

Overall, the project will:

  1. Improve the varieties of rice cultivated at Mauger farm.
  2. Expand production of rice seed.
  3. Establish a rice milling center and marketing groups.
  4. Establish agricultural service centers.
Implementation Start Date: 2011/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2013/12/31
Project Objectives:

The objectives of this project are:

  1. Rice Production Experiments and Research at Mauger farm:
    (1)Produce G0 seeds of 3,440 kg
    (2)Produce G1 seeds of 83,500 kg
    (3)Rice production experiments for 36 months
    (4)Comparative fertilizer experiments for 6 seasons
    (5)Comparative production experiments for 6 seasons
    (6)SRI experiments for 3 seasons
    (7)Test of imported rice varieties for 6 seasons
    (8)Regional experiments for 3 seasons
    (9)PQ4 regional experiments of 160 ha
    (10)Paddy-upland rotation for 2 seasons
    (11)Plant-to-row test for 3 seasons
    (12)4 SOPs
    (13)Renovations of Mauger farm infrastructures: drainage 2 km; warehouse and office 4 buildings; road renovations 4.6 km; interlocking bricks 200 m
  2. Expand production of rice seed
    (1)Infrastructural renovation of rice seed supply center, including one treatment plant, one seed warehouse and one treshing ground
    (2)Cultivation of rice seed for 75 ha, producing 300,000 kg of seed
    (3)9 sessions of farmers conferences
    (4)TCS-10 rice seed cultivation information service
  3. Establish a rice milling center and marketing groups:
    (1)Instruct 10 farmers associations for the renovation of the warehouse and the installation of the mill
    (2)Held 96 trainings for the managers
    (3)9 trainings for farmers associations
    (4)Provide 7,500 bags of fertilizer
    (5)Instruct the culture of rice seed for 3 ha for the TCS-10 project
    (6)Collect 3 marketing information of rice and mill
  4. Agricultural mechanization (Establish agricultural service centers):
    (1)Ploughing service for 2,700 ha
    (2)Leasing 40 machines to farmers associations
    (3)950 maitenance of agricultural machines
    (4)Establish 1 operators-training center
    (5)Establish 1 mini-garage
    (6)Held trainings for garage technicians and operators for 16 people
    (7)Held 2 conferences
    (8)Train 4 leasing and spare managers
    (9)Build 1 spare center
Executing Agency:
  1. Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Development (MARNDR)
  2. Organization for the Development of L'Artibonite Valley (ODVA)
Project Performance:

.Trial rice production and research at Mauger farm:

  1. Produced 11,411.5 kg of G0 seeds.

  2. Produced 89,874 kg of G1 seeds.

  3. Carried out monthly cultivation and fertilizer trials comparing output, SRI cultivation and areas, etc.

  4. Maintained 2 km of irrigation channels and five farms, warehouses and offices; improved 1.3 km of roads and erected a security fence.

.Expand production of rice seed:

  1. Renovated infrastructure at the rice seed supply center, including one treatment plant, one seed warehouse and two threshing grounds.

  2. Cultivated rice seed over 64.83 hectares, producing 252,839 kg of seed.

.Establish a rice milling center and marketing groups:

  1. Instructed 10 farmers’ associations on the renovation of a warehouse and the installation of a mill.

  2. Provided 18 sessions of training for farmers’ associations.

.Agricultural mechanization (establish agricultural service centers):

  1. Set up the agricultural operations center, the spare parts supply center, and farm machinery repair and maintenance sub-stations.

  2. Held 93 sessions with maintenance technicians and operators, and two training workshops.

  3. Leased 188 machines to farmers and performed maintenance work on 1,372 items of agricultural machinery.

Project Type: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Cooperating Country: Caribbean, Haiti
Themes: Agriculture
Project status: Completed projects
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