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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Swine Breeding Project (Honduras)
Project Description: In order to increase local sources of protein, raise incomes and support the policies of the Honduran Ministry of Agriculture, the Taiwan Technical Mission will implement a variety of measures to support the development of the swine industry.

Overall, the project will:

  1. Introduce and breed high-quality specimens of pig and promote integrated production and marketing; increase the quality of local technical human resources by providing suitable training.
  2. Improve rural living standards by assisting production and marketing groups and providing them with microloans.
  3. Conduct research and development for meat processing operations and expand markets and sales channels.
  4. Generate biogas from recycled pig manure and use this as a source of power to operate associated facilities, thereby promoting clean energy in the farming community and reducing environmental pollution.

Swine Breeding Project(Honduras)

Implementation Start Date: 2011/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2012/12/31
Project Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
  1. Swine breeding, production and marketing: Provide assistance to support the development of the swine breeding industry in Honduras; increase breeding rates by providing associated training; perform demonstrations on the utilization of biogas at the central breeding center.
  2. Slaughter and marketing: Encourage communities to build organizational capacity, including slaughter and marketing activities, by participating in associated training.
  3. Meat processing and market development:
    1. Increase farmers’ incomes by enhancing the added value of meat products and diversifying product lines.
    2. Transform traditional businesses into agribusinesses by promoting product marketing concepts and expanding markets.
    3. Increase farmers’ incomes by establishing an agricultural and livestock product sales center, thereby decreasing the influence of middlemen.
    4. Establish joint distribution systems and lower transportation costs; conduct market development training courses for the benefit of participating technicians and farmers.
Executing Agency:
  1. Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Honduras
  2. Directorate of Agricultural Science and Technology (DICTA) (Republic of Honduras)
Project Performance:
  1. Assisted DICTA to conduct 18 group training activities for production and marketing groups, benefiting 408 persons.
  2. Assisted DICTA to deliver 5,627 piglets and 386 breeding pigs.
  3. Assisted DICTA to transfer breeding technology via training sessions with 16 households.
  4. Assisted DICTA to provide training to 332 technicians and farmers.
  5. Assisted DICTA to promote biogas generation system in ten households.
  6. Assisted DICTA to introduce pigs of different kinship and renew its stock of 10 boars and 171 sows.
  7. Assisted DICTA to provide group training in meat production and marketing to 79 households, and to sell 3,645 slaughtered pigs.
  8. Assisted DICTA to establish sales channels.
  9. Assisted DICTA to integrate the operations of current production and marketing groups and the resources of the pig breeding farms, as well as assistance to lower costs by jointly distributing pigs; established standard process for the slaughter of pigs and for the award of licenses, and promoted healthy, safe forms of branding.
  10. Parvide guidnce to 125 persons from production and marketing groups on slaughtering operations.
  11. Assisted DICTA to develop six meat product.
  12. Assisted DICTA to establish standardized meat processing operations.
Project Type: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Honduras
Cooperating Country: Central America, Honduras
Themes: Agriculture
Project status: Completed projects
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