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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Export Crops Development Project (Guatemala)
Project Description:

The main purpose of the project is to provide the technical assistance to support the cultivation of profitable crops such as pea, blackberry and green bean in mountainous regions of Guatemala.
Overall, this project will:

  1. Provide technical assistance and gradually transfer know-how on to communities in mountainous regions of Guatemala.
  2. Assist farmers to establish joint marketing systems and integrate sales of products; increase the numbers of farmers’ organizations and raise exports.

Export Crops Development Project(Guatemala)

Implementation Start Date: 2009/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2013/12/31
Project Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
  1. Increase production yields and quality of agricultural produce by assisting farmers to improve cultivation techniques; provide guidance to 14 farmers’ organizations and promote extension work over 250 hectares.
  2. Strengthen guidance to support the horizontal integration of production and marketing teams and organize a marketing alliance that focuses on agricultural exports, ultimately providing sufficient assistance to facilitate the seaborne export of 65 shipping containers.
  3. Operate the demonstration farm and manage the packing plant in cooperation with the Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (ICTA); provide assistance to, and train, small-scale producers in cooperation with the Agricultural and Industrial Alliance for Rural Craftsmanship (ALIAR), with an emphasis on exporting produce and increasing market share.
  4. Organized 50 promotional activities such as seminars and workshops to highlight the outcomes of technical assistance.
  5. Reduce agricultural waste by producing organic fertilizers, which will reduce pollution to water sources and the wider environment; process 250 tons on the farm.
Executing Agency:
  1. Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of The Guatemala
  2. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA) (Republic of Guatemala)
Implementation Arrangement: Members of the Taiwan Technical Mission will provide technical assistance and assistance for capacity building.
Project Performance:
  1. Extension services will increase production by 15 percent (230 tons).
  2. Marketing cooperatives organized by small-scale farmers will generate exports worth US$2,288,000.
  3. Guatemalan stakeholders will be assisted to establish a packaging plant and export 170,000 boxes of produce.
  4. Assisting Guatemalan stakeholders to produce organic fertilizer, golden dragon fruit, blackberries etc. will generate revenues of US$60,000.
Project Type: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Guatemala
Cooperating Country: Central America, Guatemala
Themes: Agriculture
Project status: Completed projects
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