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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: National Rice Seed Production Enhancement Project in South, Haiti
Project Description: According to the World Health Organization Report of Food and Agriculture (2017), Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. The southern region suffered a loss of US$2.8 billion (32 percent of GDP). The loss of agriculture was US$573 million (7 percent of GDP), resulting in a 50 percent drop in agricultural production. It is estimated that there are more than 1.4 million people who need food aid. Haiti is the only country that needs external food aid in Latin America and the Caribbean. Haiti President Jovenel Moïse has made improving food security a priority, with the intention to enhance rice production in the southern provinces of Haiti, increase farmers’ income and improve social stability. In response, the country filed a request for assistance from Taiwan. This project will mainly focus on farmers’ organizations. Project implementation will include: (1) Improve the availability of regional agricultural materials: By introducing regional seed banks and mentoring seed production techniques for farmers, develop regional seed supply systems and improve farmers' cultivation techniques. (2) Strengthen agricultural production efficiency: Establish agricultural machinery rental and cultivation system, assist farmers’ organizations in improving automation of land preparation, and reorganize the agricultural machinery center to become the regional agricultural machine parts supply and training center. (3) Ensure the operations of agricultural irrigation and drainage services: Establish a regional irrigation and drainage management and maintenance mechanism to ensure that farmers can properly cultivate fields in accordance with the growing period. (4) Guide farmers’ organizations in operating as an agribusiness: Guiding farmers’ organizations to establish multiple regional joint service centers which can provide regional rice milling and marketing services, and coordinating the agricultural machinery teams.

To watch the video made by the TaiwanICDF: Rice Seed Production Capacity Enhancement Project in Haiti

Le project de renforcement des capacite de production de semences de riz en Haiti
Implementation Start Date: 2018/1/5
Implementation End Date: 2021/12/31
Project Objectives: 1.Establish a community seed bank system to produce community rice seeds (truthfully labeled seeds) which have the capacity to produce at least 2,000 ha of rice in Les Cayes area.
2.Introduce an agricultural machinery rental system: Organize 20 automation teams with at least 80 power tillers to offer land preparation services.
3.Create GIS-based agricultural irrigation maps for real-time water management, with the management mechanism to interconnect and coordinate the use of irrigation water.
4.Establish 20 rice joint service centers (milling center): Using rice from the field as a guarantee, farmers can obtain materials and land plowing services through the credit.
Executing Agency: 1.Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Haiti
2.Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development of Haiti
Current Progress: To the end of December 2019, the following activities have been completed:
1. Confirm the name list of farmers’ organizations and certificated seeds multiply areas in this year; complete the relevant form design for seed inspection.
2. Complete 0.09 hectares of pre-base seeds the whole year(2 campaigns) cultivation, after harvesting and post-harvest total production 320 kg, average yield 3.56 tons per hectare.
3. Complete 4.4 hectares of base seeds the whole year(2 campaigns) cultivation, after harvesting and post-harvest total production 15,550 kg, average yield 3.53 tons per hectare..
4. Complete 203.38 hectares of certificated seeds the whole year(2 campaigns) cultivation, after harvesting and post-harvest total production 791.49 tons, average yield 3.89 tons per hectare.
5. Sign the agricultural material lending contract with certificated seeds producer in 6 farmers’ organizations.
6. Investigate and establish fundamental information of actual farmers’ organizations; prepare the agricultural machinery lease contract.
7. According to land preparation demand of farmer’s organization to distribute agricultural machinery quantity and sign the agricultural machinery lease contract.
8. Organize the existing mechanical information of the Agricultural Machinery Center, check the agricultural machinery parts and the management of the shelves.
9. Establish agricultural machinery management and parts system registration for Agricultural Machinery Center.
10. Complete annual agricultural machinery and parts procurement quantity calculation and price negotiation.
11. Complete the design, planning and tender notices for 6 multiservice centers.
12. Complete the rice seed extension field irrigation canal cleaning and maintenance total 12,469 meters.
13. Six farmers’ organizations 165 farmers participate in rice cultivation training.
14. 74 people were trained in the operation of the tractor and the power tiller. 22 people were trained in the maintenance of the tractor and the power tiller. Total 96 people were trained.
15. Plan on operation form for multiservice centers.
16. Activate the new construction of warehouse of the 6 multiservice centers.
17. Organized Rice Field Day, 170 farmers participated in study and observation.
Project Coordinator Name: Sophia Jan
Project Coordinator Phone: +886-2-28732323 Ext.226
Project Coordinator E-mail: jan_sophia@icdf.org.tw
Projected Benefits: Increase rice production in the southern provinces of Haiti; at the end of the project, at least 1,200 hectares of paddy rice fields in the area have reached a total of 10 metric tons per hectare for two cropping seasons per year.
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Haiti
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Caribbean, Haiti
Project status: Projects under implementation
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