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History of the TaiwanICDF

The Republic of China (Taiwan) sent its first agricultural mission to Vietnam in 1959, when Taiwan was itself still a developing country. In 1961, under Operation Vanguard, technical missions helped improve agricultural production in many newly independent African countries. In 1962, the task force of Operation Vanguard was expanded to become the Sino-Africa Technical Cooperation Committee (SATCC), a permanent agency responsible for agricultural cooperation with African nations, which merged into the Committee of International Technical Cooperation (CITC) in 1972. This organization spearheaded the ROC’s foreign technical cooperation work, assisting partner nations with their agricultural development. Simultaneously, Taiwan began to enter a period of rapid economic growth. In 1989, the government established the International Economic Cooperation Development Fund (IECDF) to provide economic assistance to developing partners.

As the variety of cooperative development projects expanded further, and the number of overseas technical missions increased, the ROC government dissolved the IECDF in 1996, and established an independent organization, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF). The following year, the CITC was incorporated into the TaiwanICDF.

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