To Touch the World: Stories of the Taiwan Spirit

  • Project Supervisor : Tzu-pao Yang
  • Managing Editor : Ai-chen Chen, Sharon Pai
  • Chinese Narrative : Yu-pei Lin, We-wen Lin, Yen-fen Ku, Yu-fen Li, Chen-gang Chen
  • Translater : Cheryl Robbins, Kim Weng, Elisa Yang, Vito Lee, Joshua Smith (Editor)
  • Publisher : Taiwan News
  • First Publication : 2003 / 4
  • Language : English
  • ISBN: 957-28648-0-7

In a world that is often filled with turbulence, confusion, and uncertainty, love and idealism are the motivating forces behind humanitarian work. On a daily basis, Taiwan technical mission members are working hard to achieve the fundamental goal of helping the less fortunate. With moving and inspiring stories from men and women sharing extraordinary experiences of their life in developing countries, “To Touch The World: Stories of the Taiwan Spirit” conveys the human side of international development work.

This book provides a riveting account of the daily challenges faced by Taiwan's mission members as they touch the world and work to create a more just society. You'll identify with these eight inspiring and heartfelt stories of professional integrity and dedication that document the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of overseas assistance work.

Editorial Review

As a member of the international community, Taiwan has the obligation to ask itself not what the international community can do for Taiwan, but rather how much can Taiwan, with its achievements in freedom, democracy and humanitarianism contribute to the world.

Chen Shui-bian
President of the ROC (Taiwan)

This book is the first attempt to present the struggles and efforts of Taiwan's technical missions abroad. Through the eyes and hands of mission members, we can see and touch a world that is unfamiliar to most of us.

Eugene Chien
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

It is my hope that this book wil encourage more of Taiwan's young people to go out into the world and help those in need. Although Taiwan is a small country, I do believe that it can make a large contribution to world peace.

Chia-tung Lee
Professor of the Department of Information
Engineering at National Chi Nan University

This book gives an eyewitness account of how the love and sense of calling possessed by these foreign asistance workers allows Taiwan to share its fortunes with the world.

Chun-hsiung Liu
Former leader of the Technical Mission to the
Republic of Senegal

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