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Vision and Objectives

To ensure that Taiwan’s resources were fully integrated and fit to deliver aid with appropriate care well into the future, our government established the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) in 1996. Guided by the core value of “progress, development and humanity,” we pursue bilateral and multilateral cooperation with partner governments and international organizations in order to alleviate poverty in our partner countries, strengthen human rights and well-being, and accelerate social and economic development. With cooperation and assistance in mind, in 2012 we drew up a blueprint for the coming decade, formulating a clear vision and objectives as follows:

Partnerships for Progress and Sustainable Development

Improve rural life, upgrade industrial and occupational competitiveness, strengthen cooperation with international organizations and pursue environmentally sustainable forms of development.

In accordance with this direction, to meet this vision and objectives we will continue to promote a range of duties and responsibilities that are based upon Article 7 of our founding charter, as follows:

  1. Facilitating social and economic development in our partner countries
  2. Promoting better economic ties to partner countries
  3. Cooperating with international organizations, institutions or governments to facilitate social and economic development in our partner countries
  4. Providing humanitarian assistance to international refugees or countries afflicted by natural disasters
  5. Providing technical and human resources training to partner countries, and providing technical assistance or services to foster industrial capacity
  6. Operating overseas missions to improve and develop the agricultural, industrial, economic, medical and education sectors in our partner countries
  7. Other initiatives designed to bolster international cooperation and development or foster good relations with other countries

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