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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: High Quality Rice Seed Development Project in South Sulawesi(Indonesia)
Project Description: Rice is the main food crop in Indonesia. However, domestic production has been insufficient to meet increasing needs of the country’s growing population and Indonesia still has to import rice from other countries. In South Sulawesi, one of the nation’s important rice producing areas, the use of uncertified seeds further limits the province's capacity to expand rice production. In order to improve this situation, Hasanuddin University proposed this project with the aim to increase local rice production in South Sulawesi through technology and research cooperation. The project includes two core objectives: 1. To improve the technology of qualified rice seed production; 2. To build up cooperative units’ capacity of rice production.

Implementation Start Date: 2018/7/1
Implementation End Date: 2020/12/31
Project Objectives: The expected project outputs are:
  • 1.To produce 3,000 tons rice seed in 300 hectors of rice field (two seasons).
  • 2.To introduce seed production technology into the Faculty of Agriculture of Hasanuddin University, so that it can become a diversified agricultural development center for rice production, promotion, post-harvest processing, storage, distribution and marketing.

  • Executing Agency:
  • 1.Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University

  • 2.Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Indonesia
  • Current Progress:

    To the end of Decembere following activities have been completed:
    1.Continue to counsel local farmers in cultivating 300 hectares of seed fields for production of qualified rice seeds.
    2.Complete transplanting of 335ectares of seed fields.
    3.Produce 3,700metric tons of qualified rice seeds.
    4.Finish constructing the greenhouse and warehouse .
    5.Hold six seminars for rice seed producers.

    Project Coordinator Name: Elisa,Yu-chi CHANG
    Project Coordinator Phone: 886-2-28732323 Ext. 221
    Project Coordinator E-mail: yc.chang@icdf.org.tw
    Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Indonesia
    Sector: Production Sectors
    Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
    Cooperating Country: Indonesia
    Project status: Completed projects
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    • Date:2017/9/11
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