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Lending and Investment

Project Name: CABEI Special Fund for the Social Transformation of Central America (FETS II)-Subproject 1: Corredor del Quetzal" Phase II Sustainable Development Program
Project Description: The western part of Honduras is characterized by a high incidence of rural poverty and environmental vulnerability. The program will implement development activities that focus on: i) increasing competitiveness in the west of the country, specifically in the departments of Copan, Cortés and Santa Barbara; ii) income generation and employment, including youth and women entrepreneurs; iii) strengthening food security and nutrition; and iv) promoting human development, promoting opportunities development and increased agricultural and non-agricultural production.

The project consists of five components, with CABEI and TaiwanICDF funding going to components A, B, D, and E.
A. Loan for the production and processing of raw materials
B. Competency training
C. Community social development
D. Executing agency
E. Supervision and auditing


Implementation Start Date: 2012/12/20
Implementation End Date: 2016/7/31
Project Objectives: The general objective of the Project is to improve the utilization of resources in the binational region, considered by the border corridor between Honduras and Guatemala, promoting the development of various projects that come to achieve a rational use of resources, strengthening the capabilities of its population and boosting the economy and local development, in order to continue contributing to the generation of employment and income of families in the area of intervention to improve their quality of life.
Executing Agency: Secretariat of State in the President's Office (Secretaría de Estado en el Despacho Presidencial)
Signing Date: 2012/12/20
Sector: Multisector/Cross-Cutting
Sector Item: Other Multisector, including Urban and Rural Development Projects
Type of Assistance: The TaiwanICDF commits a loan to CABEI. CABEI then relends the project funding to the borrower.
Borrower: Government of Honduras
Cooperating Country: Central America, Honduras
Cooperating Organization: Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)
Project status: Completed projects
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