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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Fonseca Net Cage Aquaculture Project, Honduras
Project Description: The offshore catch in Gulf of Fonseca has been declining due to overfishing, and disputes with neighboring countries on territorial waters and fishing rights have seriously affected the livelihood of fishermen in this region. Therefore, Honduras's President wishes to assist these fishermen by introducing sea-cage aquaculture methods and developing related industries, as well as providing counseling and assistance to fishermen to work in offshore aquaculture so that they may obtain more stable incomes. The main content of the project will include: (1) build four sea-cage culture devices; (2) provide sea-cage culture methods and hold technical training for 100 people; (3) assist two fishermen's organizations to improve capacity in sea-cage culture operations.

Implementation Start Date: 2016/6/20
Implementation End Date: 2018/6/30
Project Objectives: The project will assist the Honduras government to establish 180 tons of tilapia aquaculture system , provide training to aquaculture technicians and organize fishermen’s organizations to improve net cage management capacity. In addition, the project will aim to raise the value of fish production and reduce risks of environmental damage to protect marine species.
Executing Agency: Taiwan ICDF/Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock(Honduras)
Project Performance: 1. Completed the set-up of four circular cages.
2. Completed Honduras’ cage culture industry research report.
3. Held two cage culture training course for technicians.
4. A guide to cage culture techniques with three questionnaires has been issued. 25 guides were printed for the training course. An evaluation report of feasibility of cultivating tilapia with net cage in a reservoir has been issued.
5. Held 6 advanced cage culture training courses for 134 technicians, and held 14 training courses for 289 fishermen.
6. Legal documentation for the development of fishermen’s group was drafted. Two fishermen’s groups have been organized.
7. The demonstration of cage culture operations of raising fish (to raise fish up to 450 grams). And transferred a total of 260,000 fish fry to fishermen’s groups.
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Honduras
Project status: Completed projects
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  • Date:2016/9/30
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