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Lending and Investment

Project Name: Regional Lending Program for Coffee Rust in Central America
Project Description: The program consists of Agricultural Loans and Technical Assistance (TA) components.
The Agricultural Loans component, financed by credit facility established by TaiwanICDF and CABEI, includes: (1) lending for renewal; and (2) lending for stumping and pruning.
The TA component includes: (1) an information platform; (2) an early-warning system; (3) capacity contribution; (4) technical assistance for small-scale coffee producers; and (5) the improvement and management of coffee producers.

Region: Central America
Project Objectives: The Program is to support the process of recovering production capacity in small-scale coffee producers in CABEI’s Founding Member Countries who depend on the cultivation of coffee and who have been severely affected by a coffee rust epidemic.
Executing Agency: Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)
Implementation Arrangement: CABEI will administrate the Agricultural Loan and the TA under the Charter and Guideline of the Special Fund for the Social Transformation of Central America ("FETS"). The lending sources under this component will be re-lent to the eligible governments, i.e. Founding Member Countries of the CABEI, as subsidiary loans, which shall be re-lent by CABEI to the Subsidiary Borrowers. Prior to implementing any project under the Agricultural Loan and the TA CABEI will seek approval from TaiwanICDF and MOFA respectively.
Project Manager: Chen, Yi-jung
Phone: +886-2-28732323 ext. 504
E-mail: y.j.chen@icdf.org.tw
Approval Date: 2015/12/21
Cooperating Country: Central America
Cooperating Organization: Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)
Themes: Agriculture
Project status: Projects under implementation
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