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Lending and Investment

Project Name: Financial Intermediary and Private Enterprises Investment Special Fund-Agribusiness Account
Project Description: The TaiwanICDF contributes the FIPEISF-Agribusiness Account. The proceeds from the fund will be used to co-finance with the EBRD, providing financing to small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) in the agribusiness sector.

Region: World Wide
Project Objectives: 1.To support the agribusiness in the central and eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Central Asia, and the South and East Mediterranean area.
2.To address the food security issue by improving the agricultural productivity and production efficiency of private sector agribusiness operations in the area.
Executing Agency: European Bank for Reconstruciton and Development(EBRD)
Implementation Arrangement: 1.The TaiwanICDF contributes up to USD 15 million into the FIPEISF-Agribusiness Account. The account is administrated by the EBRD in accordance with the Rule and Regulation of FIPEISF.
2.The qualified sub projects need to be selected from the priority country list, a list to be updated by the TaiwanICDF year by year.
3.Disbursements from the FIPEISF-Agribusiness Account shall be made on a pari passu basis with EBRD’s ordinary capital resources.
Approval Date: 2015/11/18
Projected Benefits: 1.The project will improve the access to finance of the small and medium agribusiness.
2. Successful utilization of the co-financing funding from the Project, the EBRD and other co-financiers will bring multiple leverage effect, providing deeper impact than single-source funding.
Type of Assistance: Investment
Lending Period: 2015-2015
Cooperating Country: West and Central Asia, Eastern Europe
Cooperating Organization: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Themes: Agriculture
Project status: Projects under implementation
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