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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Urban Landscaping Design and Beautification Execution Project (Bahrain)
Project Description: Based on a vision for environmentally sustainable development and Bahraini authorities’ objective to “Green the Country,” this project will address Bahrain’s cooperative needs in urban landscape design and beautification to improve the greening and beautification of roads in urban areas. Overall, this project will:
1. Provide greening and beautification project designs for work on highway junctions, roundabouts and median strips.
2. Implement urban landscaping design schemes and supervise urban greening and beautification projects.
3. Assist the Bahraini government in improving the quality of the urban living environment and landscaping design services.
4. Implement cooperative exchanges relating to urban landscape design and technologies relating to the beautification and greening of the environment.

Implementation Start Date: 2015/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2017/8/3
Project Objectives:

The objectives of this project are to:

1. Complete four major highway landscape design schemes, beautifying a target of 10 km of roads or increasing greened areas by about 20 hectares.

2. Provide suggestions for urban landscape design and environment improvement projects designed to increased beautified areas by about 20 hectares.

3. Assist the Bahraini government in improving and promoting landscape design services.

4. Support the annual international exhibition garden show (BIGS) according to the needs of the agriculture department, and assist the Budaiya experimental nursery in its landscaping improvement works.


In 2016, the project comprises three sub-projects, with objectives as follows:

1.    Supervision Highway Landscaping Project Construction

1.1.To supervision the Shk. Khalifa Bin Salman Highway New Junction Area Landscaping Project and beautification works.

1.2.Following up the Hamad Town Walkway 1209 Landscaping Project works.

1.3.Attend internal and external meetings for the design consultation.

2.    Implement Urban Landscaping Design and Beautification Scheme

1.1.The Shk. Khalifa Bin Salman Highway New Junction Area ( Link Road Between Roundabout 18.1 To 13) landscape design.

1.2.The Water Garden Improvement Plan and landscape design.

1.3.The King Fahd Causeway Customs Inspection Station Area landscape design.

1.4.Research specifications and selection suitable plants for the landscape design scheme.

3.    Extension Landscaping Design Consultation

1.1.The Agriculture Incubation Center Landscaping design and Beautification plan at Hawar A’Ali.

1.2.The Budaiya Nursery Entrance East Side Beautification Improvement Works.

1.3.The new Landscaping design of the Farmer Market at Hawar A’Ali.(new)

VIP Garden design service and consultation.(new)
Executing Agency: 1. Taiwan Technical Mission in the Kingdom of Bahrain
2. Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Kingdom of Bahrain)
Current Progress: To the end of July 2017, the following activities have been completed:
1. Completed works with the CMSD to supervise two landscaping construction engineering programs: firstly, the Al Estiqlal Highway medium landscaping project (total length about 1.6 kilometers, area about 3 hectares); secondly, the Hamad Town Walkway 1209 Landscaping Project.
2. Assisted the CMSD to follow up and manage two beautification design projects: Completed redesign and reviewed the 16th December Highway landscape design (total length about 2.1 kilometers, area about 3.2 hectares); Submitted the Shk. Khalifa Bin Salman H.W. new junction area landscape design. (total area about 3.6 hectares);
3. Preparing a new landscape design project of the Shk. Isa Bin Salman Highway New Janabiya Junction Area.
4. Provided three landscaping design services for the Agriculture department, and completed landscaping design programs: firstly, the Bahrain National Museum Car Park & Shk. Ebrahim Center Entrance Landscaping Improvement Plan; secondly, the Budaiya Nursery Entrance East Side Beautification Improvement Plan.
5. Provided technical advice in selecting plants suitable for use in highway landscaping projects and confirmed the medium mixture (soil amendment); attended the beautification project’s work meetings with the CMSD’s construction department.
6. Participated in the agriculture team committee’s internal meetings, and guided the design and construction pre-work and assisted in site supervision for the exhibition stand booth built for BIGS 2015.
1. Accomplished a landscape design and beautification project of the Shk. Khalifa Bin Salman Highway New Junction Area (Link Road Between Roundabout 18.1 To 13). Scheduled to complete the project in 2017. (After the road extension total length about 5.1 kilometers, area about 5.2 hectares, Budget about 1, 470,000 USD)
2. Preparing a new landscape design project of the temporary greening and beautification facilities for the King Fahd Causeway Customs Inspection Station Area landscape design at Bahrain road side(Total length about 1.0 kilometers)
3. To modified planting and soil mixing specifications, specify the new specifications and correction design details drawings for CMSD usage.
4. Provided two water tanker and pump room layout and detail drawings using for the tender works.
5. Submitted and hand over the Water Garden Improvement Plan and landscape design master plan to CMSD. (Area about 6.6 hectare)
6. Finished a new landscape design project and Beautification plan in the Agriculture Incubation Center. (Budget 80,000USD, area about 2.0 hectare)
7. Provided a new farmer market landscape design concept and budget estimate at Hoarat A’Al.
8. Follow up the Budaiya nursery entrance east side beautification works.
9. Participated in the beautification works of Bahrain Farmers Market and provide stand layout.
10. Completed a garden design of the Bahrain elderly center.

1. Submitted the Hawar A'Ali new farmer’s market landscape design proposal. Completed the proposal presentation and project developing estimates. (Budget about 346,000 USD, area about 1.7 hectare)
2 Provided a new paving design for new 8 greenhouse in the A'Ali Agricultural Incubation Center, completed modification design layout and tender works.
3. Submitted the Al-Dair agriculture land landscaping. (Area about 0.9 hectare)
4. Provided the Bahrain Fort and Museums access road improvement design, completed tender and planting works. (Total length about 1.2 kilometers)
5. Accomplished participate in the 2017 BIGS exhibition task and won the first prize.
6. Supervision the temporary greening and beautification works at the A'Ali Agricultural Incubation Center or the New Bahrain Holiday Flower Market opening.
7. Supervision the Bahrain Holiday Farmer’s Market and the Budaiya Experimental Garden beautification and maintenance works, and provided 2 landscaping design tasks in year.
8. Landscaping design and consultation services has done 6 tasks.

Projected Benefits: 1. The completion of urban road green landscaping designs and the supervision of the project proposal plan in accordance with the CMSD’s needs.
2. Assistance to the CMSD in promoting urban streetscapes, environmental improvements and a maintenance renewal plan, improving the quality of the environment and the style of the urban landscape.
3. An enhancement in the quality of the project’s landscape design schemes and the speed of program review mechanisms, promoting an acceleration in the progress of green landscaping operations.
4. The provision of urban landscape designs and environmental beautification in accordance with actual needs, and a plan for the implementation of technical consultancy services.
Sector: Multisector/Cross-Cutting
Sector Item: Other Multisector, including Urban and Rural Development Projects
Cooperating Country: Middle East, Bahrain
Project status: Completed projects
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