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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Vegetable Production and Nutrition Enhancement Project(Nauru)
Project Description: The population of Nauru suffers from a high proportion of obesity(58.1%), diabetes(22.7%), hypertension(17.2%) and other chronic diseases, partly due to the shortage of vegetables in the local diet.
Nauru lacks arable land and land ownership rights are complex, as a result of which there is little area available for domestic vegetable cultivation. The island’s isolated environment is also unsuitable for vegetable production, resulting in high cultivation costs. Local production is low and is a costly endeavor.
To raise Nauru’s supply of vegetables, indirectly help Nauruans to eat a nutritionally balanced diet and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, the Taiwan Technical Mission will assign a horticulture specialist to this project to provide guidance on vegetable cultivation techniques and dietary programs.
The main contents of project will include: 1.Producing vegetables. 2.Improving school meals. 3.Designing nutrition-related textbooks and curricula. 4.Hold nutrition promotion activities. 5.Providing vegetable seedlings and counseling for home gardening.
It is hoped that home gardening and container (soilless media-based) cultivation can address Nauru’s lack of arable land and that nutrition-related education and school meal programs can raise local people’s understanding of healthy eating concepts.

To watch the video made by the TaiwanICDF: Vegetable Production and Nutrition Enhancement Project(Nauru)

Implementation Start Date: 2015/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2019/12/31
Project Objectives: 1.Produce 44,000 kg of vegetables via media-based or traditional farming methods.
2.Train seven staff from the school meals program.
3.Design two nutritionally balanced menus for the school meals program.
4.Design a nutrition-related textbook and curriculum.
5.Hold 21 nutrition promotion activities.
6.Supply vegetable seedlings for up to 50 home gardens.
Executing Agency: 1.Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment (Nauru)
2.Ministry of Education (Nauru)
Project Performance: It has been accomplished that:
1.Assist Nauru in expanding production of fruits and vegetables, cooperating with home gardeners to raise output of vegetables to 33,649 kg.
2.To build the capacity of seven staff from the school meals program, raising knowledge of nutrition and the capacity to produce nutritious lunches.
3. Conduct 21 community cooking demonstrations.
4. Provided extension services to 62 extension farmers.
Project Type: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Cooperating Country: Nauru
Themes: Agriculture
Project status: Completed projects
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